I’ll probably be wrong, but here are my Oscar picks…

This is the first time in many years that I really have almost no interest in the Oscars. Usually at least some teensy part of me wants to watch, to make some tasty snacks, and then shut it off ten minutes into the broadcast. Heck, one would think that curiosity about Billy Crystal’s return to hosting the shindig would tempt me—but it doesn’t. Maybe I will change my mind come Sunday and this post will be a big lie, but at this point it doesn’t look good.

And the Nominees Are….

Early yesterday morning, the Academy Awards nominees were announced. For the most part, I didn’t think the list was surprising (other than the amount of times Transformers: Dark of the Moon appeared on it). However, for those who missed it, here is a list of the nominated films and people.

Golden Globes Recap: Or, I Should Probably Stop Trying to Pick the Winners at These Awards Shows….

Well what can I say, other than I suck at predicting awards show results? I’m just plain bad at it. Sure, it would probably help a teensy weensy bit if I actually saw most of the nominated shows; but I seriously wonder how much it would improve my predictions. My guess is not by much.


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Really? It’s Awards Season Already? : My Predictions for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards—The Boob Tube Edition

Welcome back to my follow-up Golden Globes post! Honestly, there’s only so much a person can read about awards shows and predictions; so I decided to divide it into two posts. Just think of it as your teacher cutting your reading assignment in half. You’re welcome.

Really? It’s Awards Season Already? : My Predictions for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards—The Film Edition

Wow—so it’s that time of year again. I have barely recovered from the holidays, and now it’s awards season. For me this means yet another excuse to bake a tasty treat or whip up an appetizer (because, really, who has appetizers anymore?). While I am not complaining that I get to exercise my culinary muscles, I just can’t get over how the Golden Globes sneak up on me year after year. It probably doesn’t hurt that they put all their ranks in “sneak” and have a Cloak of Elvenkind. Jerks.


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Pompeii: Back from the Dead (2011)

Sometimes I have those nights where I wake up in the middle of the night fully alert. I never know if something startled me or if I just reached my sleep quota for the week or what; but the end result always is that I am wide awake in the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully this only happens to me once or twice a year, but yesterday was one of those exceptions.


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Kevin Hart: I’m A Grown Little Man (2008)

Sometimes opening up Netflix is like opening the door to a fully stocked fridge when you are really hungry. Often,  I can spend a while browsing in a feeble attempt to decide what choice I want to make. I will push around the condiments in search of some hidden gem in the back or perhaps get enticed by the previous night’s leftovers; but ultimately I just have to make a damned decision (because I don’t want to cool the entire house with that fridge door being left open so long). However, there are times when, no matter how good things are in your fridge, that you just want to order out.


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2011 Emmy Awards Predictions (I see a “B.” Do you know someone whose name starts with a “B?” Maybe a man or a woman? Possibly young or old?)

Wow! The Emmys really crept up on me this year. Yeah, they’ve only been advertising it since June; but I guess after a few weeks of seeing Jane Lynch promote the awards show, I kind of tuned it out. I want to be excited about the Emmys, I do (you know me and awards shows). However, I’m just not feeling it this year. Sure, I will watch the 18 hour long ceremony complete with red carpet preshow, but I can’t guarantee I’ll enjoy it.


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Oscar 2011: The Squeakquel

Oh fudge! I can’t believe that it is the day of the Oscars and I haven’t posted my picks. I don’t know, maybe I am just a grump this year, but I am not as into the Academy Awards this time around. In previous years, I would either have a party or at least be somewhat excited about watching the ceremony. This year….. well, I am surprisingly indifferent to it. Of course, I am not so indifferent that I won’t watch the show (or as much of it as I can stand).

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Ack! I Failed My Golden Globes Exam!

This year I did what I previously thought impossible– I watched the Golden Globes in its entirety. Heck, I even caught most of the red carpet special that led up to it. Yay, me (I think)! Although there were a few moments of tension early on in my house when the football game was just wrapping up as the celebrities started to parade down the red carpet, the situation was diffused when I gave in to watch “my” show on the other television. Then I watched three hours of “and the Golden Globe goes to…” and “I’d like to thank my manager, the cast, the crew,…” (and so on and so forth). I am sure my life is better for it.

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