Day 35: Land of the Lost (2009)

I think I should have listened to what my computer was trying to tell me yesterday. Here I was complaining that I was unable to use the DVD player on my computer to watch Land of the Lost, when I should have just taken it as a sign and shipped the movie back unwatched. How could I have been so dense? Miraculously, the DVD player on the computer worked last night when my husband looked at it (apparently you have to hit “eject” to remove an old DVD before inserting a new one). So, I naively attempted to watch Land of the Lost today.


I couldn’t do it. I watched up to the 45 minute mark (I am sure some people may be surprised that I even gave it that long, when I was more cutthroat towards Seven Pounds. What can I say– I was feeling generous today). Then I walked to the computer, pushed the new- found eject button, and returned the DVD to the hell from whence it was spawned. But since I didn’t have the address for the Land of the Lost hell, I just decided to return it to Netflix, in the hopes that some other poor sucker won’t fall prey to the alluring siren that is Land of the Lost.


Sure, there are dinosaurs. It’s hard to go wrong with dinosaurs as proved by Jurassic Park 3. There are also lizard-like aliens. I think the success of V shows just how receptive audiences are to that. And when has Will Ferrell ever done a bad film?


I don’t even want to justify this movie with a brief synopsis. It’s about whatever you want it to be about—because if you are anything like me, your mind may end up wandering to a billion other things while this flick is on. This was just not working for me. Sorry, Land of the Lost. Better luck next time at your next destination which, if the movie holds any truth and time warps do exist, may be in the family room of some T-Rex family (who would of course use special remotes to accommodate their little arms).


Score: D-

Netflix Queue: 474

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