Day 36: Eddie Izzard: Circle (2000)

I have to admit, I am kind of a sucker for stand-up comedy. Whether it be a live show, watching the latest season of The Last Comic Standing, or setting up a little stage at home where I tell jokes to the cats; I like it all (FYI, the cats don’t tip well. They may be European). A few years ago, when my husband and I took a road trip across country, we listened to a few stand-up routines. I learned a few things from doing this on a trip: (1)- Eddie Izzard’s Dressed to Kill routine was really funny; and (2)- the “random” setting on my mp3 player doesn’t seem so random as it kept playing clips from Dane Cook’s routine that (3) I didn’t find so funny (especially the hundredth time the joke was played). Naturally, the second I returned from the trip and had access to a computer, I added a few of Eddie Izzard’s stand-up shows to my queue. Today I finally decided to watch Circle (maybe it was all of The IT Crowd episodes that put me in the mood for British comedy).


Putting aside the production value of the film (gosh, has so much changed in video quality since 2000?), I have to say it was a funny show. What I enjoy about Izzard is that he is all over the place in his routine—I totally love silly randomness, if not apparent by my posts. One minute he could be joking about relevant issues (well, to the year 2000), but he seamlessly connects contemporary events to religious or historical stories. Not only are his jokes smartly funny, but he is excellent with his delivery. The entire routine feels like a conversation. Izzard is quick on his feet, and seems to improvise his routine to suit the audience.


Although I enjoyed the show, I don’t know if I could just sit down and watch it like I would a movie or TV. Most of Izzard’s humor is verbal (sure, there is the occasional visual gag), so it is entirely feasible that one could multitask with this on in the background and still get quite a bit out of it. So, listen to Circle, get some fall cleaning done (you know those windows could always use a good cleaning). You may end up with a slightly cleaner house, a few laughs, and feeling a tiny bit smarter (or at least start thinking momentarily in a British accent, which we tend to mistake for intellect).


Until tomorrow!:)


Score: B

Watch Instantly Queue: 197

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