BBQ Pitmasters (2009)

I must have been really hungry last week because when Netflix suggested I watch BBQ Pitmasters on Watch Instantly, I did. The fact that I watched the entire season, however, proves that I will sit through just about anything.

BBQ Pitmasters is a TLC reality show about—wouldn’t you know it?–people who barbeque. The series follows several pitmasters who attend BBQ competitions around the country. In each episode, the teams compete in chicken, rib, brisket, and pork categories, with the potential to not only earn the title of “best BBQ-er” but some cash as well.


Although there are not many episodes in the series, BBQ Pitmasters gets repetitive, fast. Since each competition has the same categories, we see the same dishes served up in every episode. It seems as if the show creators got tired of watching that, too, since they started focusing more on the personal lives and the personal interactions of the cooks later in the series.


Also, I found it disappointing that there was not much instruction in the series. Now, I didn’t expect these competitors to give away all of their trade secrets (and we do get a little tidbit of information here and there) but I would have liked to see more about how to do BBQ well. Heck, I would have been happy with just one recipe from the entire season.


After watching the first episode of BBQ Pitmasters, I made the decision to order barbeque for dinner. It was tasty. However, as I watched the season over the course of a week, the desire for BBQ dwindled after each one I saw. I think this show is interesting and would have made a great “special” (or one-hour long documentary), but there is just not enough content for an entire series. If you are interested in BBQ, maybe catch one show, but that would probably be enough to sate your appetite.


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Score: C-

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 169

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