Best Food Ever, season 1 (2010)

After yet another sleepless night, I found myself sitting on the sofa with a cat and my Netflix Watch Instantly account. I have a feeling Netflix knows how to sucker me in, because instead of showing me my queue, they featured other shows I “might” be interested in. Damn. They were right. When I saw TLC’s Best Food Ever on that list, I decided to give it a whirl. Hey, it’s narrated by John Goodman so I almost couldn’t refuse.

Best Food Ever is essentially a countdown of the ten best food establishments in a different category every episode. The topics range from sandwiches to bakeries and from food carts (though they should say trucks because there was not one cart on the list) to diners. Essentially, the series is 1 part travelogue, 1 part “best of” list, and 2 parts food porn.


While Best Food Ever isn’t groundbreaking by any means, I thought it was fairly interesting. I’m sure I enjoyed the show because I like to watch stuff about food (Netflix agrees) and I don’t get the Food Network. Goodman is a lively narrator, although I think the show could benefit from having a real host (perhaps one that even tries the food at the featured restaurants).


Now maybe I wouldn’t have noticed this had I not seen all five episodes in a short period of time, but the majority of the “best food ever” seemed to be from  New York City, San Francisco, and the Seattle areas. Sure, the series stops by a few off-the-beaten-path eateries, but I didn’t feel the entire U.S. didn’t was represented. Yes, I am biased, but there was not one mention of Los Angeles on any of the lists. While I realize that NYC is a great town for foodies, LA has its share of gems, too.


I felt like most of the production was in New York, which accounted for why there was at least one NY restaurant featured in each episode. I actually found it most surprising when a restaurant from the Big Apple was in the top ten for barbeque. I can almost picture a group of cowboys sitting around a campfire hollering, “New York City??”


Overall, Best Food Ever was decent and I enjoyed listening to Goodmans’ voiceover. I just hope subsequent seasons take on more diverse foods and locations.


Thanks for reading and have a spectacular weekend!


Score: C+

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 168

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