A Mish-mash of Reviews: Part I

As usual, I am playing catch up. Somehow I find myself with time to watch movies and television shows, but surprisingly am too busy to write about them. I then discover I am severely backlogged in my queue (as I vowed not to remove a film until I wrote about it). This, in turn causes me to procrastinate further and the cycle begins all over again.

Sure, I can use the excuse that I have a newborn baby to care for to explain why I haven’t been diligent about putting virtual pen to paper; but there is always an excuse lurking around the corner. Today, I am just going to power through and give brief reviews of [some of]what has been waiting idly in my queue.


Life 2.0—A made for TV documentary about a few players of Second Life, Life 2.0 was just OK. It felt like a television show (in particular, a film-length version of a news piece), which I suppose I can’t really fault it for. While it gave a few different people’s experiences with the online game, it lacked a way for me to connect with it. I understand that examining several ways people used and played the game offered a general overview for its audience; however it never really gave me a way to become emotionally attached to the characters. It seems like Life 2.0 would be better suited for an audience who has little to no experience with video games or computers (so which button do I push to make the internet appear?).

Score: C-


A Matter of Size—I sent this one back after watching ten minutes of it. Yes, it could have been the most hilarious movie I would have ever seen, but I guess now I will never know. The DVD was sitting on my table for almost four months, so it was time to return it.

Score: I


Moneyball—Yes, I know Moneyball is a [supposedly] great movie, but I am a cranky bitch today and can’t bring myself to love it (which is strange because I love, love, love a good underdog film). I had a hard time liking either the Brad Pitt or Jonah Hill characters. Were they supposed to be that boring? I wanted the film to wrap up so bad, that I didn’t really care if their strategy of building a team resulted in a victorious season. I will admit, I did enjoy it up until the halfway point; then, I just lost interest.

Score: C+


Paul –I was sorely disappointed in Paul. Maybe I had such positive experiences with both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz that I expected this film to be at the same comedic level as its predecessors, but Paul was not great. In fact, I don’t even know if I could call it good. I wanted it to weave the geekery seamlessly through the story, but the little “inside” jokes seemed just an odd attempt at pandering to the fanboy audience. At least it was under two hours.

Score: C-


Riddles of the Sphinx: NOVA—I’ve always had a fondness for NOVA shows. I think I watched a lot of PBS growing up, so I think I bring with me a sense of nostalgia whenever I settle in to watch one. Riddles is pretty much par for the course—it provides the viewer with a general overview of the topic that is clearly laid out and pleasantly narrated.

Score: B


Well, that is all I have time for today. I hope to do another review compilation soon to further whittle down the queue. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day! 😀

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