Running in Mud: the Story of Me

I’ve always had a little problem with procrastination. Yeah, I’m diligent about getting things done by their deadline (and I would *never* ask for an extension), but I still waited until the last minute before I did them. I’m not sure why this was/is, as I don’t exactly enjoy the stressed out feeling associated with a pressing deadline. Every time I was burning the midnight oil (often literally working into the night), I would tell myself “never again.” But I did it again. And again. And am still doing it.


Now I suppose that I can use the excuse of being a (relatively) new parent. While it’s true that parenting takes a lot of time–time I am more than willing to put in–I know that other people are able to do things other than take care of their child. I’ve got to try to turn things around. I just feel so darned overwhelmed at times. Aside from my parenting duties, there are meals to prepare, rooms to clean, house projects to do, a garden to tend, blog posts to write, a husband’s business to help get off the ground, and a book to edit. Am I missing anything? I’m sure I am.


Ugh. Where do I start?


As they say in What About Bob?, “baby steps.” Thus, I will be spending the rest of June taking baby steps to see if it helps me accomplish anything.


Baby step #1: write a blog post every week day for one week.

This is totally doable and is a great way to get myself back in the habit of writing again. That’s five posts between today and next Thursday. I know I have enough to say to cover that.


Now, all of the advice columns on how to write a blog say to stick to one thing and do it well in order to have a successful blog. To that I say, “phoey!” I’ve tried writing only about TV shows and movies that I’ve watched and to be quite honest, it’s boring me. My interests have expanded and changed–in part because of motherhood, but also because it’s natural to have varied interests as we grow. Therefore, I’m just going to write about whatever I want for these next five posts (reader beware!). Hopefully these will lead me to evolve my blog into a cohesive new direction, but if not, it is what it is.


So, come along with me on a journey as I try to take baby steps to accomplishing larger goals!


As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day! xoxo 🙂



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