Well, I already missed a post yesterday. I blame Game of Thrones. I just *had* to watch the season finale (a day late, I know).  And, in my house at least, a Game of Thrones viewing is a serious affair. The lights are dimmed, all electronic devices are turned off, and the TV commands our full attention.  And so we watched.


Let me say that this season was over way too fast. Having read the books, there were no big surprises (I’m looking at you, Red Wedding); but I still wanted more.  Like the books, I enjoy how my perception of characters changes throughout the series. People who I think I will never like (ahem, Jaime), I end up rooting for. I like the intrigue, the drama, but most of all, I enjoy the complex story arcs. That anything can happen. That no character is safe. That as I read/watch the series, this fictional world comes to life.


And that, dear readers, is why I slacked off writing my blog post yesterday. All of my attention was diverted to this fantastical land and writing didn’t even occur to me until this morning. Oops. Well, I suppose at least I returned to it today. I guess I just have to get back on the bike again.


Have a wonderful day and happy biking! 🙂

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