I did it! (kinda)

Well, I think I may have accomplished my goal. Maybe, sort of. Last week, I said I wanted to write a blog post every week day for a week–totaling five entries. Somehow I both accomplished and didn’t accomplish this.


I know I missed a day writing a post. That much is glaringly obvious to me. However, if my calculations are correct (and they are because I have five fingers to count on), this will be my fifth post in a week! Hooray! I will focus on the positive and leave the rest in the past. Now to move forward.


I realize that my blog has (this week) become more of a journal than a movie review site. In a way, I think I need this site to be a mishmash of topics, ideas, thoughts, and (yes, still) movie/TV/book reviews. I have so many interests that I think I thrive on diversity. So, bear with me as I continue this experiment a while longer. It may eventually morph into a “genre” blog (media, parenting, cooking, or otherwise); but until then, I’m going to write what I feel…at least until I get back into the habit of writing.


So, baby step #1 (write a blog post a day) can be checked off. Done and done. I’ll keep this goal going and add a second one. I’m hoping this What About Bob? method of organizing my life will yield results.


I’ve decided that the next area of my life that I want to improve upon is my environment. I will be honest here: I am a horrible housekeeper. I think I just don’t know *how* to clean well and efficiently. So, for baby step #2, I am going to attempt to keep the front room of my house “company ready” for one week. This means that tomorrow, I will clean up the front room of my house. No papers left on the entry way table, no miscellaneous socks strewn about (I’m looking at you, husband and baby!), no coats hung on the back of the chairs instead of in the closet (* looks down guiltily *). I am going to pick it up once well, then maintain it for a week. And to make myself do this, I’m going to document it with pictures. I’ll post the “before” picture tomorrow (my husband is playing Dungeons and Dragons in there now). Hopefully, my “after” photo will show marked improvement. Then, next Thursday, I’ll see how I’ve done.


Well, I suppose that is all for today. Thank you as always for reading! 🙂 Have a super duper day! 🙂

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