Taking the first steps…

Front Room Panorama

Once again, life has been busy and I know this post has been a week in coming. In fact, it may not have even come at all; but I talked to my mom on the phone last night and she asked when I was going to post pictures of my front room. I was called out and now I’m posting my clutter.

You see, I wasn’t really holding myself accountable. I thought people weren’t reading my blog and that it didn’t matter if I posted on time. I was wrong. So, even if only one person is reading this (Mom), I’m going to share photos of my front room and the game plan to clean it up.


At the top of this post is a panorama photo of my front room(s)–courtesy of my husband. [click on it to see the panorama. It’s doing something funky that I have to figure out] There is no real designation between the two rooms, so I will just lump them together for cleaning purposes (I almost wrote porpoises, which is both a totally different– yet cool– idea and an indication that I didn’t sleep well last night).



Baby Step #1: Clean up the entry way table. You see those stacks and stacks of papers sitting on that table? That’s a crap load of junk mail. I’ve tried to opt out from as many as possible, yet they keep showing up in my mail. Also, I get several trees worth of flyers shoved in/on/around my front door a year. While I could vent about this for an entire post, I will instead just focus on cleaning that crap up. Recycle it. Shred some of it and toss it in the compost bin–give the worms something to read or offer them a low, low APR of 18.9%.


After the mail/junk mail/ads are sorted, I will focus on picking up any big item from the floor (I’m looking at you, shoes!). I will also start a pile of stuff that doesn’t belong in the front room or needs a new home (like the space heater, the baby pool, the keyboard and the box of baby wipes).




Step #2: Clear off all surfaces. That little half wall always seems to collect clutter, so I will start there and work my way around to the coffee table, the bench, the table, and my “craft area.” Easy enough.


Step #3: Take a moment to pet the dog. He’s a good helper and needs some extra attention. Plus, it looks like he will enjoy the pool with the baby.




Step #4: Organize, strategize, and minimalize. After the dog has been petted, it’s time to really get to work to declutter my room. I have too much “stuff”– and if I am not using it, I want to either get rid of it or store it in an out-of-the-way location. I think this will take the most time, but I need to be ruthless in my decisions and clear up some space. (Hello, Ebay/garage sale).




Step #5: Clean/dust surfaces and sweep/mop the floor.


Step #6: Maintain. Repeat maintenance on a daily basis.


OK, I’ll take some during and after pictures and share them here. Wish me luck and here’s to a more organized, less cluttered home! 🙂


Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day! 🙂


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