2013 Fall TV Round-up: Sunday Edition

Fire up the DVR’s! Grab a mug of hot tea! Put the kids to bed just a bit earlier than usual (um, because they have school the next day, right?)! It’s time for the return of fall television.


I must admit that September has crept up on me this year. Maybe it does every year and I just forget about it, but it seems like it was really a surprise this year. I mean, I am still trying to finish up shows from last season. Right now, we are down to the last five episodes of Smash (is it just me, or have the characters in that show gotten really douchey?), several episodes of Revenge, and a good chunk of Grimm. Looks like I’ll be cramming just like I did before tests in school. Will I never learn?


In between binging on last season’s shows, I am going to take a few moments to set my DVR for this fall. Here is what Sundays will have in store for me*:




8:00 pm


ABC: Once Upon a Time—Um, I think I’m a half season behind on this one, too (darned ABC not keeping the entire season available on Hulu). I really liked the first season of the show. The second is a little less palatable (so far). Third time’s a charm though, right?


CBS: The Amazing Race—Probably my favorite reality show on the air these days. I’ll definitely be tuning in to see what places they visit this time around.


CW: “Local Programming”–It seems that the CW has just given up on Sundays. Who could blame them?


Fox: The Simpsons— I don’t even watch this show in syndication any more. When will it end?


NBC: Sunday Night Football— Are you ready for some football? Because depending on who is playing, I may be. * goes to the fridge, pulls out giant tub of hummus and plops on the sofa *



8:30 pm


Fox: Bob’s Burgers—This may very well be a great show, but the commercials for it look subpar.



9:00 pm


ABC: Revenge– – I like a good drama as much as the next person, but I wonder how long they can drag this show out. I know three seasons isn’t incredibly long, but the viewers will want resolution sooner than later.


CBS: The Good Wife– I know I’m missing the boat on this show. Everyone loves it. Everyone watches it. Maybe you should too. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you 😉



Fox: Family Guy—I am pretty sure I lost my sense of humor because I don’t really find Seth MacFarlane funny anymore. Just offensive. And degrading towards women. ‘Nuff said. What you should take away from this is: I’m uptight and just “don’t get” good comedy.



9:30 pm


Fox: American Dad!— While I find this show less antagonistic as Macfarlane’s other creations, I’ll still probably pass. Not because of personal reasons, but because I’m already watching Revenge.



10:00 pm


ABC: Betrayal—I think ABC is sticking with the melodrama theme on Sunday nights. To be honest, all I got from the muddled synopsis is that James Cromwell is in it. “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”


CBS: The Mentalist– I have only one episode left to watch from last season (Shhh! No spoilers!), which was much better than the previous one. I’ll still be tuning into this show—mostly because the I enjoy the supporting cast.


*All times listed are PST. Central time zone, you know what to do!…subtract an hour, right? 😉

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