Fall TV Round-Up: A Case of the Thursdays


Back in my day–oh, so long ago–Thursday nights were “Must See TV” nights. People tuned in by the gazillions to see if Ross and Rachel would ever get together. They pined for the familiar setting of the Central Perk. They were taken aback when Monica and Chandler somehow ended up married. Those were the days.


Now, Thursday’s offerings are heavy on the drama–with just a side of comedy. Here is what you can expect:



ABC: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland–Following the success of Once Upon a Time, Disney–er, ABC, I mean– decided to create a spin-off centered around Alice in Wonderland. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch. You might say, I won’t be late, be late, for a very important date. You might, but you won’t.

CBS: The Big Bang Theory–Although I enjoy this show, I stopped watching last season. I’m pretty sure it was because something else aired at the same time and this wasn’t an option on hulu. Oh, and that it’s on in syndication virtually 24/7.

CW: The Vampire Diaries– I know I’m not the market audience for this show, but I’ve read the books (yes, I’m aware that I’m not the intended audience for those, either). I thought the books got a little weird. SPOILER ALERT:::: (I mean, how many times can one person die? Apparently a lot).

FOX: THe X Factor (Results Show–If you tuned in to the 17 hour show, you might as well watch the results, right?

NBC: Parks & Recreation–I’ll admit it. This show has grown on me. I now understand what everyone was talking about.



CBS: The Millers— Doesn’t Will Arnett have a new series out every season? 

NBC: Welcome to the Family–Wait, isn’t Mike O’Malley still on Glee? Although I tend to like most of the shows he stars in (I’m looking at you, Yes, Dear), I don’t know how long this one will last. I’ll have to watch it to see if it’s any good.



ABC:Gray’s Anatomy–In this season, I hear we find out that they were all just dead to begin with and that the entire series was just one of the levels of purgatory. At least it felt that way to me when I watched it.

CBS: The Crazy Ones–Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar together in a sitcom? Um, yes, please.

CW: Reign–Damn you, CW. You know just what my inner 14-year-old girl wants to watch on TV. And yes, I will give this show about a monarch from Scotland and her arranged marriage to a French prince. I think the intro goes like this:

FOX: Glee–I abandoned that ship a while ago. I got annoyed when the “poor students” were living in an NYC loft larger than my house. That, and the storylines got irritating. 

NBC: Sean Saves the World— I think I want to like this show starring Sean Hayes, but the commercials don’t give me high hopes.



CBS: Two and a Half Men–Sometimes I think a show needs to bow out gracefully. Instead of dragging on and on. Just sayin’.

NBC: The Michael J. Fox Show— It’s almost like I HAVE to watch this. I mean, Fox has some serious TV cred and has been in a few pretty great shows.



ABC: Scandal–I think this show is pretty juicy. I’d probably like it as there is a great deal of political intrigue, but there is just no room in the DVR.

CBS: Elementary–Although I was hesitant to watch this and even more reluctant to like it, I found it to be actually a pretty solid show.

NBC: Parenthood— I went on a Binge of this series recently. I have to say, it got pretty depressing during the last two seasons. I know they deal with serious issues and I respect that, I was just hoping for the lighter tone of season one.


Well, Thursday did not offer me any respite from my growing queue of television shows, but I’m hoping to discover some great TV! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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