November craziness

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, not the holiday season–although that’s already upon us (thanks, Best Buy for the first Christmas ad I’ve seen on TV this year:/ ). It’s Nanowrimo time. Pro tip: when you say “it’s Nanowrimo time,” do it to the tune of “Hammertime.” It just seems to work better that way.


This year I am once again participating in the wonderful novel month. While typically I don’t have an outlined prepped by the time November 1st rolls around, this year I feel even less prepared than usual. I have a general story idea (I think). I have calculated how many words I need to write daily in order to finish before my family visits me for Thanksgiving (I hope). And I have a few cookie recipes I want to bake so I can have a little snack while I am typing away furiously (I can’t wait).


I’m sure it will be an interesting experience trying to write an entire novel while watching a toddler, helping out my husband with his growing business, and trying to clean house for the holidays. I’m anticipating that the majority of my writing will be done late at night, and sleep will be a precious rarity for me. I’ll be curious to note if the tone of my novel gets crankier and crankier as the month progresses 🙂


Nanowrimo has a habit of kicking me into gear. I’d like to say that I’m not a competitive person, but when I see that a friend wrote more words than me on a particular day, it gives me a little kick in the pants. As an added bonus, I’ll try to check back here on my blog to post updates on how I’m doing throughout November.


Wish me luck!

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