Fall 2014 TV Round-up: Sunday Edition

Well, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve last posted (but weren’t those banana doughnuts delicious?). I guess a few things have happened since I last wrote. We sold our house, we moved 2000 miles across the country, and we’ve been apparently watching a lot of Dora the Explorer. Yeah, some of these were more life changing than others.

Anyway, with the changing of the seasons, I’m reminded that it’s time for Fall Television Yes, I capitalized both words because I tend to consider it an “event.” If phrases like “muffin top” and “selfie” are acceptable in our vocabulary, I think I’m entitled to a little flexibility when it comes to capitalization.

I’m guessing, however, you aren’t reading this post to discuss grammar. Instead, I’m sure you are more interested in what’s on the tube this fall. Here is how Sunday is shaping up:


7:00/6:00 (Central)

ABCAmerica’s Funniest Home Videos—I’m sure people think I’m joking when I say that I will watch AFV when it’s on. I’m not. Honestly, it’s not like it’s any different than the videos you all share on YouTube. 😉

CBS60 Minutes—While I’m sure this is informative, I’ll be watching people give nailed in the crotch, thank you very much. Standards, people.

CW– Nothing—Nope, that’s not a cleverly titled show. The CW’s target is most likely doing their English 10 and Algebra homework, so it’s a wise move not to offer any new programming on Sunday nights.

FoxNFL on Fox—It says what it does. It does what it says.

NBCFootball Night in America—or, Sunday night as we usually call it.



7:30/6:30 (Central)

FoxBob’s Burgers—Loyal fans will be thrilled this animated series has returned. Admittedly, I haven’t watched Fox’s “Animation Domination” since they named it “Animation Domination,” and I doubt I’m likely to start now.



8:00/7:00 (Central)

ABCOnce Upon a Time—OK, I was 100% on board with the first season. With the introduction of Neverland, I was a bit leery, but I still watched the show. However, I have some serious reservations with the inclusion of elements from the Frozen storyline. I’m likely wrong, but still…

CBSMadam Secretary—Tea Leoni stars in this drama about an unlikely Secretary of State. Could it be good? Sure. Will I be watching? Errr….I’m guessing not.

FoxThe Simpsons—Always a classic, I’m sure The Simpsons is still making relevant commentary on pop culture and society in general.

NBCSunday Night Football—I’ll be honest. I will usually only watch this based on who’s playing and how my fantasy football team is doing (note: I typically hold fast to last place in my league).



8:30/7:30 (Central)

FoxBrooklyn Nine-Nine—I was a little surprised to see this show moved to a Sunday (I suppose that’s a good thing for it?). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quirky characters and comedic writing of this show. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now may be the time.



8:00/7:00 (Central)

ABCResurrection—Last year, I thought the concept for this show was interesting. I should have watched it, but somehow it slipped by unnoticed by me. Now that season 2 is starting, I may try to binge watch the first season to catch up.

CBSThe Good Wife—EVERYBODY loves this show. Everybody. And I know I should watch it. Hell, I’m a huge Alan Cumming fan. But I still haven’t seen it.

FoxFamily Guy—I think I’ve turned in to that grumpy old person who yells “Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!” while shaking a rolling pin. I don’t really find Seth MacFarlane funny. I’ve tried to. I just don’t think we see eye to eye.


9:30/8:30 (Central)

FoxMulaney—I’m told this is a comedy—one that features a fictionalized version of a comedian (surprise, surprise). Overall, these don’t really work for me. On a side note, I really miss Bernie Mac. Now THAT show really did work. Sigh.



8:00/7:00 (Central)

ABCRevenge—I was REALLY into this show during the first season, but I’m thinking I didn’t watch as much TV last year. I may try to get back to watching this nighttime soap. It was a fun watch when I did see it.

CBSCSI—CBS is going on a limb and trying CSI: North Pole. It will focus on a few bad-ass elves as they investigate crimes around Santa’s Workshop. Who * did * kill the Yeti? I’m thinking the alibi Mrs. Claus gave seems kind of weak…. Yeah, I’m only joking. I’m sure this is just the same old CSI with different aspiring actors getting their big break as the corpse-of-the-week.


And that, dear reader, is the Sunday line-up in a nutshell. Enjoy! J

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