Day 2: Primeval Season 3 (or, as I like to call it: Abby, No!)

Today I removed Primeval Season 3 from my watch instantly list, reducing the total to 202 from 203. Now, before you get the idea that I watched 10 straight hours of this BBC sci-fi/fantasy series in one day (which would be on the border between really cool and really sad), let me clarify that I actually started this season a few weeks back.


Netflix recommended the series to me, so I decided to give it a whirl. It took me a few episodes to actually get into the first season, but once I did, I found myself strangely hooked. Slowly and methodically I made my way through seasons 1 & 2 (conveniently lumped together by Netflix). When I finished, I decided to add the third season to my queue.


For me, this show is one of my guilty pleasures. Each time I watch it, I feel like I should draw the blinds so people passing by my house on the street won’t think less of me for my choice in programming. I make sure no one else is home, curl up with my puppy (who also likes cheesy TV shows), and escape for 44-46 minutes at a time. Often, I even feel I should lock the cats up in the bedroom so I don’t have to deal with their judgmental stares as I load the show up on Netflix.


Primeval follows a group of scientists as they research and try to deal with anomalies– rips in the fabric of space and time. Usually some type of prehistoric beast somehow makes its way through an anomaly, so the crew has to try to get the creature back to its home (preferably without killing it as to not potentially disrupt history). When the animals attack—and of course, they always do—the scientists find themselves in precarious situations. Typically this involves the 18 year old zoologist, Abby, being knocked to the ground while one of her colleagues screams, “Abby, No!” Of course, there are other issues that revolve around the basic plot– government bureaucrats trying to use the anomalies to their own advantage, an evil professor (and ex-wife of one of the scientists) throws a wrench in their gears every so often, and a few tales of unrequited love between the main characters all make their way into the storylines.


However far-fetched the plotlines reach, I still am strangely enticed by the show. Maybe it is the special effects which range from well done (by TV standards) to really cheesy. Or perhaps it is the multiple storylines that pull me through—if one doesn’t hook you, another will. Quite possibly it could be the English accents; because everything sounds smarter with an accent. 😉 It is very likely that if this was an American cast, I may find the dialogue pretty terrible.


Whatever it is, something about this show works for me. It is a fun show, plain and simple. Is it mind-blowingly brilliant? Well, not by my standards. Is it entertaining? Totally. It’s like watching a B monster movie. The good guys usually win, the creatures are fun to watch as they interact with modern society, and the “bad guys” are deliciously evil. What more could you ask for in a monster-chasing, time-traveling, sci-fi BBC television show? =)


Score: B-

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