Day 4: TIMER (2009)

I have a confession. I added something else to my watch instantly queue yesterday. The billboards for Pillars of the Earth tantalized me. I read the book about a year ago, and enjoyed it. Naturally, when I found out it would be a Starz mini series (and therefore most likely available on watch instantly), I kept my eyes peeled. Sure enough, it appeared on my “New to Netflix” list and I added it. So, I am back up to 203 on my instant queue. Hey, I didn’t say I would stop adding titles—more space on my queue was the inspiration for this blog in the first place. 😉


This morning I gave the independent film, TiMER a try. This is set in a pseudo-futuristic society where people implant  “timers” like we would shop for cell phones. These timers provide a countdown of how long the person has until they meet their soulmate. Ideally, this should alleviate the heartbreak, worry, and uncertainty that usually circles around relationships like flies on cow pies.


Of course, the people in this society are totally obsessed with their countdowns, and question anyone who doesn’t have a timer. This is particularly the case with Oona, who is almost thirty and whose timer has yet to start a countdown. She meets a man working in a supermarket and reluctantly begins a fling with him, even though she knows it will not lead anywhere as his timer has already begun its countdown.


The idea behind this film is fairly interesting and plays off of people’s insecurities in relationships. What if you knew the exact time you would meet your soul mate? How would that affect how you live your life? The film starts to explore these issues, but ultimately gets weighed down by Oona’s story.


Personally, I found most of the characters in the film pretty unlikable. I wasn’t rooting for anyone (and I felt I was supposed to), and I actually still don’t quite understand how the relationship between Oona the orthodontist and Mikey (Really? His name is Mikey?) the grocery store clerk even started.


I should have known with a title like TiMER (yes, that is actually the correct way of capitalizing it) that perhaps this film wasn’t my cup of tea. I would usually try to avoid any film or TV show with a contrived, supposedly clever  title, just like I avoid the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘n Fruity at IHOP or the Moon over MyHammy at Denny’s. Lesson learned.


Score: D+


Watch Instantly Queue: 202

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