Day 5: Futurama-athon


OK, I realize I already gave myself an “out” by limiting my blog entries to a Monday through Friday system. But this weekend, well, this weekend I wanted to give my readers something special—in honor of my first week on the blog.


That being said, my husband and I were dog sitting a friend’s three dogs this week, and were a little more tied down to the home than usual. We don’t have cable and there was absolutely nothing we wanted to watch on television (no surprise here). So, we pulled up the handy Netflix watch instantly queue. After some debate, I submitted to my husband’s choice of Futurama the Movie: Bender’s Big Score. We followed this film with three other movies: Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs, Futurama: Bender’s Game, and Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder. Sense a theme here?


Futurama the Movie: Bender’s Big Score was pleasantly funny. Perhaps we just missed the animated series, but this film seemed to hit the right notes. Here, we follow Fry and the gang as they deal with nudist aliens intent on stealing all of the information and treasure from the world with absurd internet schemes. Bender is infected with a computer virus and subsequently controlled by these aliens. Will Earth ever break free of these frustrating villains? Will Leila live happily ever after with the new mystery man in her life? Will Fry ever have an explanation for the Bender tattoo on his ass? Watch to find out the answer to these and other pressing questions.



While some of the humor in this film felt a little time-sensitive, most of it really worked. The story was well-written and while there were smaller subplots, they fit in with the main storyline. I was actually surprised to find this movie was not only funny, but at times, very touching. This enticed us to watch the rest of the Futurama films in a total Planet Express-fest.


Sadly, the second film we watched, Futurama: The Best with a Billion Backs, fell flat. Unlike the first movie, it felt like a series of random skits loosely stitched together by a main storyline that was pretty uninteresting. In all honesty, I can’t recap much of the film (it was pretty unmemorable), and the whole time we watched it, we kept remarking how horrible it was. The writing was off and most of the time it was just dumb and not entertaining. I know, I am being harsh, but the first film was a tough act to follow. My husband told me to score this an “F.” However, since we watched the movie in its entirety and it wasn’t bad enough for me to shut it off, I will assign it a D—bordering on D-. This film can be skipped.


Futurama: Bender’s Game was a welcome relief following the Billion Backs. In this film, Bender learns to use his imagination to play Dungeons and Dragon– and gets caught up in the fantasy world. Through a bizarre scientific accident, the rest of the crew (along with a few villains) are magically transported to this fantasy world and embark on a Lord of the Rings-esque journey. This was a fun departure from its usual futuristic setting and offered the audience a variety of super nerdy inside jokes. I won’t be able to hide this much longer, but I’m a geek (yes, a super geek, super geek, I’m super geeky). If you recognize the reference in the title, this film is probably aimed for you.


The last film we watched this weekend was Futurama:Into the Wild Green Yonder. Both this and Bender’s Game dealt with environmental issues. In this film, Amy’s father wants to destroy a violet star to build his miniature golf course. Several members of the Planet Express try to thwart this attempt, while a few others seem to aid in its destruction. At this point, I think I was becoming a bit Futurama-ed out. The films started to blend together. I have to say I thought this movie was decent, but still fell a bit short of the first Futurama movie.


And thus concludes my Futruama weekend. The entertainment value of these films spanned the range of scores from A- to D. While I can’t say I feel smarter as a result of watching the four films, I can say that I will dream in animation for the next day or so. I think I will avoid watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit? to avoid nightmares of my cartoon self being dipped.


Futurama the Movie: Bender’s Big Score: A-

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs: D

Futurama: Bender’s Game: B+

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder: C

Watch Instantly Queue: 198

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  1. Trish

    Since you don’t have cable, do you know that the series is back? This season’s finale is this week, so no DVDs for a while yet, sorry about that. I’d have to say the episodes also range all the way from A to D! Some really good ones, some that were almost painfully bad.

    And I’m a total geek too. In fact I’ve found I’m getting nerdier as I get older!

    August 31st, 2010

  2. meg

    Ha! I will have to add it to my queue.

    I don’t know if i get geekier as I age, or if I just embrace it more. Maybe I don’t try to hide it as much anymore =)

    September 3rd, 2010

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