Day 10: Bones (season 1, 2005)


I am sure most people are familiar with the phrase, “you never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Typically this is said to someone before a momentous occasion: upon going on a job interview,or a first date, or even that first time you order a complicated coffee drink from Starbucks. Bones season 1, you are lucky I am a person that believes in looking past first impressions. Very lucky.


For those who have yet to see the first episode of this season, let me explain. Forty four seconds in, a main character flashes an airport worker. This threw me off a bit. She flashed him because she asked him if a flight arrived while he was on the phone. He gave the “give me a second” gesture, and she responded by tearing open her shirt. While this, of course, establishes her as the wacky, impulsive female sidekick, it seems a bit extreme. Who flashes someone to find out if a flight landed? It seems like a waste of a flash to me.


I was so close to stopping the episode and removing the entire season from my queue right then. As I said before, Bones, you are one lucky TV show. But I kept watching. Knowing this show has been around for several seasons (season 6 starts up this fall), made me willing to watch the first episode in its entirety. Now, I am glad I did.


Bones follows forensic anthropologist Temperence Brennan and her team of scientists as they assist FBI Agent Seeley Booth in solving crimes. The scientific crew is especially adept at working with skeletal remains and can pull a great deal of evidence from the bones (hence the title and Dr. Brennan’s nickname). Dr. Brennan is extremely logical and seemingly emotionless at times; while her partner, Booth, tends to rely on his “gut” instincts. This causes tension and yet makes for an excellent combination when unearthing the truth (surprise, surprise).


While at first I really wanted to dislike this show, I grew to enjoy it. Some episodes tend to fall flat, but overall I feel this is a solid show. I like that Dr. Brennan is portrayed as such a rational person devoid of impulse, but she is not sociopathic (or mean like some other shows with similarly brilliant main characters). Although her worldview is entirely based on logic and she has little understanding of real human interaction beyond books (think of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory only less funny), she is a likeable character who tries to relate to others.


Something this show does well, is threading exposition through the entire season instead of puking it all out in the very first episode. As an audience, we are thrown in to an already established working relationship between Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan, and the scientists. Back story exists, but we learn more about each of the characters as the season progresses instead of in one large dose. This makes for a more natural viewing experience.


Be warned, though, this is a fairly gory show– one of the more graphic shows I have seen from network television. Perhaps this isn’t one to watch at the dinner table.


Overall, the dialogue is interesting– the scientists essentially speak their own language and the federal authorities have theirs. The flasher has some annoying habits, like calling everyone “sweetie” all of the time (maybe she used to be a waitress?).


This series is worth checking out if you enjoy crime dramas. The cast is likeable and the shows are entertaining. However, if, based on the first 45 seconds of the series, you are hoping for a flashfest, you will have to look elsewhere.


My queue was at 197 before I completed this season. I have to admit it is still at 197 because I added the second season. What can I say– the last episode was a cliff hanger. 😉


Score: B

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 197

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