Day 68: Outlander (2008)

Ah, Outlander. What can I say about you that hasn’t already been said? What indeed. For those who seemed to have missed this film when it came out a few years ago (and I am sure there are several of you), all I can say is that it is certainly some film (picture this written on a spider web over a pig sty). While many movies have a wide appeal, others try to appeal to a specific market. For example, a film may attempt to target the sparkling-vampire-obsessed teen demographic, and another flick may try to corner the market for those who have a thing for lanky 3-D smurfs with an ecological message. Let’s just say for all those who wonder who would win in a fight between an alien beast and Vikings, Outlander is targeting you.


Yeah, you read that right. Outlander is an action flick that features both aliens and Vikings in fierce battle for survival. Based entirely on the new but highly contested archeological findings that suggest that alien life forms (that resemble the love child of a dragon and a displacer beast) were the favored enemy of the Vikings, this film boldly steps into uncharted movie territory. James Caviezel stars as Kainan, a space dude who tried to escape a galactic war with the Moorwen (the bizarre alien beasties). Kainan crash lands in Viking territory, and it seems only natural that he leads them in an all out war against the aliens. Now who says there are no original stories movies these days?


I have to say that Outlander isn’t as bad as it sounds. For the first third of the film, it is a pretty straight forward science fiction film. The scenery is actually visually appealing, the acting is good, and the sets seem fairly “real.” As I started the film, I was actually enjoying it. “Yay, me,” I thought, “I found a little known movie gem.” That’s when things took a turn for the worse. (“Doh, me….I spoke too soon.”)


I am not sure if I am exaggerating when I say that it really feels like the last two-thirds of the film is one long, drawn out, long, long action scene. Now, I love a good action sequence as much as the next person, but I became bored with the action after I thought it ended the first time. Turns out, the aliens are apparently (nearly) impossible to kill. Bummer. This results in about twelve “endings” where the characters think they defeat the beast until (surprise!) it pops up around the next corner. I lost interest, but kept on watching—although I decided to clean my room at the same time. I don’t feel that I missed anything by multitasking.


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that I had this reaction to an aliens versus Viking film, but I really wanted to enjoy this movie. Oh well, I guess they always have the sequel to redeem themselves as the stinking aliens just don’t die. Maybe in the sequel, they could fight the Spanish Armada. Or perhaps they will stumble upon the Revolutionary War. The British and the Moorwen are coming! The British and Moorwen are coming! Would it then be: one if by land, two if by see, and run like hell if you see them coming from the sky? Smile


Have a wonderful day!


Score: C-

Netflix Queue: 461

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