Day 69 (69, Dude!) : Sanctuary, season 1 (2008)

There is an MST3K episode that I absolutely love called Time Chasers. While the film is just pretty darn awful (let’s just refer to this as a “pda” for future reference) and doesn’t even merit me rehashing the plot, the commentary is flipping hilarious. However, one line in particular seems to ring true when I watched Sanctuary. And that line is: “No, this can’t be the hero of the film, can it? Can it? Movie? Movie? Can I see your supervisor, movie? This will not stand!” Yeah, I kind of felt the same way about all of the characters in this TV show.


So I must admit that I only saw one episode of Sanctuary and it was (I believe) one too many. Harsh, I know. And I’m being hypocritical, too, as I usually try to give any TV show a couple of episodes to prove itself to me. But most television shows seem to have at least one character in it that is at least of average caliber. Not so here. I had a really hard time watching the “hero” (is that too strong of a word for him?), so I decided to call it quits. I can’t decide if it is just bad acting, bad writing, or if I should just attribute it to the fact that I may just be a grouch; but I have a hard time accepting the lead actor as…. well, anything except a sub par actor. Hey, I warned you, I can be a grouch.


Sanctuary was an online series before it was picked up by the SyFy (uh, is this the hip way to refer to SciFi, or is it just annoying?) Channel. It seems to be about a group of experts who track, trap, and save paranormal creatures. While the premise is interesting, I just had a hard time getting into the series itself. And before you accuse me of having a bias against the show because it started as a web serial, I would beg to differ. I watch (and enjoy) shows with lesser production values and  I am a fan of other web-based shows like The Guild (which, by contrast has decent actors).


I apologize if I didn’t give this show enough of a chance. It could very well be that the series improved after a couple of episodes, but I just couldn’t bring myself to devote another 45 minutes or more to this show. Sure, the holidays are coming up, and maybe my heart will grow a few sizes. This could cause me to change my mind about this show, but until then, Sanctuary is being removed from my queue (without a chance of being invited back).


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


Score: D-

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 198

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