Day 74: Doctor Who, season 1 (2005)

There are certain requirements for being a geek. For example, you have to know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars (we aren’t counting the Jar-Jar prequels here). A geek should also have a familiarity with role playing games. Traditionally speaking, this would mean Dungeons and Dragons (don’t we all have fond memories of playing a 12th level druid elf-princess who, with the help of her dire wolf companion, defeated an entire army of goblins?), but any RPG (virtual or otherwise) will do. The ability to cite random facts about technology, movies, comic books, or video games all tend to be geeky qualities. I also think that geeks are usually collectors in one form or another. While many acquire graphic novels or toys, a few like to add to their virtual collection of movie titles (guilty as charged). However, in all of my conversations with my fellow geeks, one show kept being referenced: Doctor Who. Then realization struck. I had been calling myself a geek all of these years, but had not even seen one episode of this landmark show. Could I still call myself a geek with this gap in my repertoire? So, I got right on top of it (after I added it to my queue, posted on a forum about “the force,” and played an intense session of D&D where I totally kicked some displacer beast butt).


So there may be some hardcore fans out there who would argue that I am entering the game a bit late on this one. I mean, this show ran for over twenty seasons from 1963-1989 when it first aired. To those people, I say tough. I didn’t want to come in at the middle of this long span, and honestly, there is only so much pre-1990s sci-fi TV a girl can take (the limit is one show). Therefore, starting at the first season of the latest take on the Doctor seemed like the logical place to start. It didn’t hurt that it was all available on watch instantly.


The result? I am so hooked.


The first season of the redone Doctor Who stars Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Pepper as Rose, his spunky pal along for the road trip. The two travel through time and space to solve mysteries, defeat the bad guys, and (oh yeah) save the human race. Yay, the Doctor!


From the first episode, I was hooked. I have to admit, I am quite fond of Eccleston in this role. He is funny, quirky, and charming—quite a departure from his character in 28 Day Later. Although I know other people will play the Doctor in this series, I am a huge fan of Eccleston in this role. We’ll see how the others measure up.


I can only best describe this series as quirktastic (it’s kind of a “make up your own words” day, you know?). For example, in the premiere episode, a trash can eats Roses’ boyfriend and holds him hostage while a plastic replica of him is running around town. By the middle of the season, we have farting aliens disguised as humans and killer robots who plunger people to death (let’s just hope those were clean plungers…ew). At times this show is just amazingly cheesy. But it works. It so works.


The special effects in Doctor Who span the entire spectrum. Some of the work looks amazing. Some of the sequences look pretty awful. But, because the acting is superb and the story is interesting, I tended not to mind the range in quality of effects. Sometimes the bad effects just seemed to add to the silliness of the show.


I powered through the entire season in about a week—which is impressive because I watched a lot of movies that week as well. And now I have a new addiction. I probably am in need of an intervention. Ugh! As if I really needed more TV shows to watch. However, I think that Doctor Who may be worth the time investment. It has been so far.


Score: A-

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue remains the same at 203. I removed season 1 and added season 2.

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