Day 75: Megamind (2010)

Last week my husband and I went to see a matinee of Megamind. Admittedly as of late, I haven’t been a fan of seeing movies in the cinema because the public’s movie etiquette has become exponentially worse over the years. Besides, the trailer for the movie didn’t really beckon me to the theater. Plus, let’s be honest, the last Will Ferrell film I saw, Land of the Lost, makes me throw up a little in my mouth when I think about it. It soured me towards both my love of anachronisms and delicious fear of dinosaurs for a few months. Plus, I thought I had reached my fill of Tina Fey after watching a few seasons worth of 30 Rock. Yeah, seeing Megamind at the multiplex just seemed like a recipe for disaster to me. However, we took a chance that Friday afternoon. I’m actually glad we did.


Megamind stars Will Ferrell as the title character, an evil super villain who spent his life in a constant battle with his arch nemesis, Metro Man (voiced by Brad Pitt). (*Minor spoiler alert for the remainder of the paragraph. I say minor because this plot twist happens in the first ten minutes of the film). However, when Megamind (almost inadvertently) defeats Metro Man, he has a difficult time adjusting to life as the victor. So, after reminiscing about the good old days, Megamind creates another hero to fight. This “hero” (Jonah Hill) is less virtuous than Metro Man, his predecessor, which places all of Metropolis at risk. Thus, it is up to Megamind to decide between his evil ways or protecting the city from a crazed hero.


This film was pleasantly surprising. Not only was the story refreshing, but I loved that it provided a twist on the super hero genre of film. It played with my expectations and gave a nod to comic book fans with certain references and jokes. And while it resonated with a geek like me, I feel that the story was solid enough to appeal to the non-dorks as well. It is one of the rare films that I believe would entertain adults and kids alike—even though there was only one shot of someone picking a wedgie out of their ass (does it mean that I am old if I think one shot is one too many?).


Granted, it could have been that we were the only ones in the theater (thus no annoying people yakking on their phones or texting), but I had a lot of fun at this film. We did see the 3D version, and while it looked nice, I am not yet sold on the necessity of it. All of the pieces of Megamind just seemed to work for me. Perhaps the holidays softened me up a bit, but I liked this film. In fact—and I know I will be criticized for this– but I actually liked it even more than How to Train Your Dragon. Weird, huh?


Lucky for Will Ferrell, this film redeemed him in my book. Yay, super hero comedies!


Have a wonderful day!


Score: A-

Netflix Queue: 484 I added a bunch of films to my queue today (more on that later). Although I saw Megamind in the theater, it would have eventually ended up in my queue….apparently most movies end up there. 😉

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