Day 15: The IT Crowd (2006), season 1

***Friday’s review was posted a day late due to technical issues (see below).

Today is Friday the 13th. Eerie things supposedly happen for reasons unbeknownst to me. Bad luck runs rampant. Shoes won’t stay tied, people act crazy, hamburgers ordered medium are brought to you well done, dogs and cats living together– well, you know the rest. Beware of black cats that may cross your path (or sit in your lap as is the case with me), sidewalk cracks, broken mirrors, and walking under ladders that are haphazardly strewn about.


People should take caution with what they watch on Friday the 13th—strange forces could cause the movie to come to life. Such was the case with me today. This morning, I watched The IT Crowd— a British sitcom about a couple of geeky IT guys working in the basement of a large company under the supervision of a manager who knows little about computers. I should have known better to tempt fate by watching a show on this cursed day. Strange things began to happen to me after I pushed play.


First, I started experiencing technical difficulties. My wireless kept dropping out for no reason at all– almost as if some dark force was toying with me. Netflix watch instantly was choppy and searching for the phantom internet signal. Getting through the short season was surprisingly difficult as the computer kept losing connection. Issues arose when I tried to post this entry to my blog– it would load then fail. I did, however, follow the advice of the IT Crowd and turned the router and the modem off and on. This helped momentarily until the curse of the wireless kicked in again.


Second, I noticed people started treating me differently. It was as if I was a geek (shocking, I know). The characteristics of the show’s main characters somehow transferred to me! I would make small, dorky jokes to myself then laugh at them. I looked in the mirror only to see I was wearing a shirt that said “Talk Nerdy to Me.” The final nail in the coffin was when I thought about who was the best Star Trek captain– and I had a definite answer (Picard, duh).


Ack! The Friday the 13th curse of movie (or TV) transference was complete. Quickly, I began to asses my computer’s performance, tinkering with the preferences to enhance the user experience. I hit the comic shop and bought several issues, but didn’t read them (I kept each in the designated plastic sleeve to protect it). I watched several trailers for upcoming films, analyzed them frame by frame, then posted on fan forums.


Damn you, IT Crowd and the curse! If you weren’t so funny, I would be upset right now. Sure, the sets are cheesy and the acting is a bit over the top, but I did laugh several times. As far as geek sitcoms go, it isn’t as good as The Guild or The Big Bang Theory, but it is still worth watching.


I suppose that as far as shows coming to life with the intent to curse me on Friday the 13th, I was lucky. I am just happy I wasn’t watching Nightmare on Elm Street, Steven King’s It, The Ghoulies, or any Kate Hudson movie.


Score: B

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 197

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