Day 18: Top Gear, season 12 (2008)

If testosterone could be in the form of a television show, it would take the shape of Top Gear. Sometimes it is as if the show is written by a bunch of teenage boys trying to one up each other. Other times it seems as if it is done entirely by techy geeks as they discuss the mechanic specifications of a car. Imagine a few guys chuckling at their own cheesy jokes, ogling sports cars, and competing with each other almost with lunacy. In one show, they race semis loaded with “precious” cargo (one has a giant wedding cake, another has hay and a furnace), through a windy road. While I can’t remember the purpose of the race, I do remember it ending with a semi on fire. That’s the show in a nutshell.


Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May host this BBC series that is obsessed with motor vehicles. While most of the show revolves around the antics of the hosts, each episode features a star in a reasonably priced car. In this segment, a celebrity races a very, um, average, car around the Top Gear track, hoping to best the times of other stars. This is always an enjoyable segment—in an earlier season it was awesome to see Dame Helen Mirren whiz through the course while uttering curses.


The other portions of the show are fun as well. I usually enjoy the zany challenges between the three hosts. In this season, not only do they race semis, but they take on the American muscle car while traveling through southwestern USA. They cause all sorts of mischief– being pulled over by the Reno police, gambling, and playing pranks on each other. All this under the guise of being a documentary—not an entertainment—show.


Top Gear is plain silly and down right fun. Watch it, chuckle, and let yourself be taken along for the ride.


Score: A-

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