Day 20: Dexter, season 4, discs 1 & 2

Oh, Dexter, we have a problem. Well, several problems to be exact.


First, why do you keep ending episodes with cliffhangers? Now I am dependent on the mail to bring me the exciting conclusion of your latest escapades. I feel like a needy young girl who just started to date a guy she really likes. Only instead of checking the phone to see if he has called, I keep checking to see if the mail has arrived. Please don’t leave me hanging like this.


Also, why would anyone ask you to tell a ghost story to a bunch of kids around the campfire? Even though your secret identity as a serial killer is, well, secret (for now!), you work as a blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD. I can’t imagine any age-appropriate ghost stories would spew from your mouth. And they don’t.


You also need to be more on the ball, Dexter. The Trinity Killer is building a coffin. I don’t know why– for you? For a previously unknown fourth victim in his cycle? I want to find out what he is up to. I can foresee this being a problem. Please arrive in the mail as soon as you can (see point 1).


I am sure these problems will be resolved after I finish watching the last two discs in the season. I just have to wait patiently for them to arrive in my mailbox this week! 🙂


Score: A-

Netflix Queue: 474 (I had to add the last two discs of Dexter, season 4. Be assured, I moved them to the top of my queue.)

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