Day 81: Bones, season 5 (2009)

I am not sure if I am the only person like this, but sometimes I crave junk food. Now, I don’t mean the somewhat socially acceptable junk food like homemade baked goods or an upscale restaurant’s fancy take on the Ding Dong. I’m talking about deciding to eat something that you are embarrassed to put on the conveyor belt at the checkout. If you are lucky, the clerk won’t point out this item of shame—personally, I tend to become unusually focused on the ATM screen at these moments. These are the food items that you carefully hide under the fresh bunch of carrots or stack cereal boxes around it so the people behind you won’t judge you. Sometimes, I casually knock over the package of toilet paper over it, just so I don’t have to come to terms that I am actually planning to consume the product. Usually this is Doritos (or some other food that is a color not naturally occurring in any environment….but, mostly Doritos).


Just to be clear, I don’t judge people on their junk food cravings. I mean, how annoying is it when people ask, “oh, do you really like that?” Of course I like it, dipwad, I chose to eat it. Wow, I have issues. Anyway, certain junk food items are totally guilty pleasures; and while I don’t know if I would want to eat them every day, there are times when these foods totally hit the spot. I will be honest, though, and sometimes (OK, most times) after I satisfy these junky cravings, I feel a bit sick.


Funny enough, I think I have the same reaction to Bones. My husband makes fun of me for watching it, so I catch myself sneaking episodes behind his back. I devour the show—and try to cram in as many as I can without being caught. However, after I am done with a season, I feel a bit bloated and can’t really say why I watched all episodes in their entirety.


When I saw season 5 of Bones available on watch instantly (finally!), I was psyched. I felt there was a gap in my Bones-ic knowledge as I had seen the show through season 4 and am currently watching season 6. Thank goodness, all of my questions will be answered, I thought. Then, I remembered that I really didn’t have many unanswered questions about the series. Thankfully, Bones, season 5, is very much like the third and fourth seasons of Bones so I shouldn’t have worried. Brennan and Booth are still solving murders—the crazier, the better (and I think the effects department is trying to top the gross-out factor from previous seasons).


The one thing I can say about Bones is that it is fairly consistent. The writers seem to know who their audience is and stick with a formula that works for them. While this means there isn’t a whole lot of variance in the shows, it does provide the audience with the payouts they are hoping for (basically disgusting corpses, pseudo-witty jargony banter, crazy causes of death, and office drama). Because of this, I am torn about how to review the latest season from my queue. On one hand, it provided me with the same cheap thrills that entertained me thus far. On the other hand, I had hoped the show would mix things up a bit more than just changing how some poor people bit the big one. All loose ends are neatly tied up at around the 43 minute mark; and perhaps it would be interesting to have a few plot points that could be strung out over the season.


More so than in the previous seasons, the fifth year of Bones has some pretty obvious (and awkward) product placements. Example: Person 1 asks, “Hey, why do you drive a minivan? Aren’t those for moms?” Person 2: “Minivans can be for artists, too. With the (fill in the blank with the type of car) van, I can fit all of my supplies in the back. Plus, with GPS navigation and satellite radio, I will never be lost or bored.” Ugh! I didn’t know whether to laugh, shut off the show in disgust, or dry heave a few times. This type of product promotion is not limited to one episode, but several. On a side note, I have noticed an increase of shameless product plugging in my TV shows as of late, and it is never done well. By the way, did you realize that amazon offers convenient two day shipping on DVDs? Click the link below to buy Bones, season 5 now (*winks*).


Overall, I did enjoy season 5 of Bones. It’s cheesy and predictable, but I was sucked in even before the first episode wrapped up. Although I gleefully saw the entire season, I have to admit that Bones is wearing on me a bit. I may have had my junk food fill for a while—just don’t judge me if you catch me watching the latest of Bones, season 6 on hulu.


Have a wonderful day!


Score: C+

Watch Instantly Queue: 210

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