Ack! I Failed My Golden Globes Exam!

This year I did what I previously thought impossible– I watched the Golden Globes in its entirety. Heck, I even caught most of the red carpet special that led up to it. Yay, me (I think)! Although there were a few moments of tension early on in my house when the football game was just wrapping up as the celebrities started to parade down the red carpet, the situation was diffused when I gave in to watch “my” show on the other television. Then I watched three hours of “and the Golden Globe goes to…” and “I’d like to thank my manager, the cast, the crew,…” (and so on and so forth). I am sure my life is better for it.


Now, I won’t go into detail about the show—every major (and not so major) media outlet has already covered the ceremony to the point of overkill. On the “news,” the topic du jour is whether Ricky Gervais was too harsh, too mean. I guess it was a slow news day. Personally, I found Gervais to be funny and refreshing. Most hosts of these awards shows are way too benign, dull, and not humorous in the least bit (is it me, or do they tend to do a lot of butt kissing in the “host” role?).


Hollywood has no shortage of ways to congratulate and celebrate itself. These awards shows are just one manifestation of the film/TV industry’s self-appreciation (as if the love and money from their adoring fans isn’t enough!). I found it fitting that Gervais pokes fun at some of the major players, asks the questions that we are all dying to know the answers to (The Tourist? Really?). I laughed. Sure, I felt a little guilty chuckling at some of the jokes; but then again, the quips were clever. I am sure this is hypocritical of me, because I am very sensitive about people making fun of me. However, since I don’t make millions of dollars being in the public eye, I am willing to let this personal hypocrisy slide.


For those keeping score, I blatantly failed the Golden Globes test. I clearly didn’t study or am just bad at taking exams (I am sure I could be diagnosed with some psychological disorder to explain why I sucked at this). I tallied up how many predictions I got correct. Ten. I was right about ten of the twenty-five categories. Math whizzes would tell you that I earned a whopping 40%. This is pretty embarrassing. I mean, for Pete’s sake; the flipping test was multiple choice! I guess better luck next time.


I will be sure to study hard for the upcoming Oscars. I mean, that is kind of like the finals anyway, so maybe this little mishap doesn’t really count. Or so I keep telling myself.


I bid you a shameful adieu! Until tomorrow!:)

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