Day 21: Bones, season 2

About halfway through the second season of Bones, I realized I was actually watching the series for a love story. A love story? What the heck, me? I found myself powering through the season to find out if two of the characters end up together. No, sadly, I wasn’t worried if the two main characters, Bones and Booth, hook up. I was more interested in the side story of Angela and Hodgins. What have I become?


The second season of Bones is very much like the first (and what I imagine the third and fourth, etc., would be). Booth and Bones use their opposing personalities and styles to solve crimes. As with most series, the powers that be decided that new, exciting characters be introduced. Thus explains the appearance of the lab crew’s new boss, Camille. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Cam quite a bit. It just seemed unexpected (and largely unjustified and unexplained) that she showed up. To make things a little more juicy, Cam has a romantic history with Booth.


Season two finds the team solving mysterious deaths– some of which are clearly inspired by the headlines. While they investigate these murders, Bones has to deal with her increasingly complicated family issues; including her newly found, criminal father (isn’t anyone who they say they are anymore?). Booth and Bones also match wits with a serial killer for a few episodes in this season.


OK, so I am the first to admit, the show’s formula isn’t entirely original. And Bones seems to know everything about everything, as well as being super adept at kicking ass. Where does she find time to learn every language known to man, take martial arts classes, and be able to diagnose (seemingly) all diseases and abnormalities? She clearly has better time management skills than I do. I am super jealous.


While formulaic at times, I am still having fun watching the show. The characters are likeable, I have a strange affinity for the shop talk at the lab (makes me feel smarter), and I am apparently a sucker for crime dramas. That being said, I intend to see Bones through at least season 3—and perhaps beyond.


Score: B

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