Day 87: Hoarders, season 1 (2009)

When you write, sometimes it is really easy to come up with excuses to do anything but put words to paper. Although I try to be dedicated to writing my reviews, sometimes I hit the proverbial “writer’s wall.” OK, so this is a term I modified from “runner’s wall” after seeing Run, Fat Boy, Run (which was a surprisingly good film) to suit my needs. I will often find reasons as to why I am not writing as much as I should–and why that damn wall is so hard to climb over. Sometimes I tell myself that I should just focus on cleaning the house for one day; because if the characters in my Sims games are any indication, people are more productive and happier in a clean environment (if my house is not clean, I, like the Sims, just stomp angrily in a corner with angry thought bubbles appearing over my head). Other times, I decide to choose that moment as awesome time to start reading more. While I am a huge advocate of reading, I question whether perusing the newsletter from my alma mater is truly productive and beneficial.


Some days, like today, technical issues try to block my path. I have been so frustrated with my wireless mouse not working (yes, I tried turning it off and then back on again) that I am shocked I haven’t chucked it out of a window or gone all Office Space on it. But here I am. If this day were a movie trailer, I am sure the deep baritone voice would state: “In a world where mice overcome men, one woman has the courage to stand up for what she believes and blog about Hoarders.” Hey, I didn’t say it would be a very good movie trailer.


Hoarders is a show that I have heard several people talk about. I am usually not on the forefront of trending, so I waited the appropriate amount of time for me to be considered “lame” before I watched this much-discussed series. Conveniently the title is very much WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get… I had to look it up too). Although the title is simplistic, it is perfect to explain what this show is about—people who hoard stuff. The premise is that the hoarders have a few professionals come in to help them declutter (which is really not a strong enough word for these cases) and move on with their lives.


I have to say, I was pretty hooked on this show and powered through the series as fast as my little eyes could take me. After watching several episodes, it becomes glaringly apparent that hoarding truly is a mental disorder. Many of these people compulsively held on to items and were on the prowl for more. There were several cases where the hoarders had to sort through their stuff or lose their families (in one show, a couple’s children were taken away by CPS until their house was cleaned), but they just could not do it. The stuff seemed to hold more importance than the people.


For most of the hoarders, however, it was more than just “stuff”–they had stories attached to every item. They remembered where they got it, who made it, or why they have it. Therefore, letting go of something would perhaps signify letting go of a memory or an event or maybe even a person. I can totally relate to this on some level as I, too, would have problems throwing out something that a family member gave me (even if I didn’t like it). However, for the people in this show, they were incapable of changing, even if their relationships suffered. It’s an illness not easily overcome.


Before I saw Hoarders, I think I expected a “makeover” show. I knew that the professionals were supposed to come, and in three days create a total home makeover. However, this rarely happened. Instead of seeing before and after shots of a freshly cleaned home; often the people didn’t change and they had barely made a dent in their collections.


After a few episodes, I found myself burning with a strong desire to sort through all of my stuff—to remove what I don’t use. While I am no where near the hoarder level (although my husband would argue that I used to hoard canned corn), I just felt that a good spring cleaning was in order. And then I used the sudden interest in deep cleaning to procrastinate writing. Ha! You didn’t think I would come full circle today, did you? But I did, oh yes, I did.


Have a wonderful day! 🙂


Score: B+

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