The great amazon challenge of 2011

I am an Amazon addict. I am on that site way too often. It’s one of the first pages I pull up on my browser in the morning. Being a list person, I like to window shop and add ideas to my wish list. I peruse the gold box deals daily, though I have only bought one featured item in my history with Amazon (It was a box of file folders. How dull is that?). Ultimately, my wish list becomes out of control, and I then take an afternoon to whittle it down. The next day, like a crazy person, I can usually be found visiting Amazon’s website and adding more things to my list. I find the whole process strangely therapeutic.


A few years ago, I convinced my husband that an Amazon prime membership would be an excellent idea. He was hesitant, but decided to give it a whirl. It was wonderful—free two day shipping on any Amazon item for a yearly fee. It was the next best thing to instant gratification. Just imagine my excitement when Amazon announced free streaming video for prime members. It was like having dessert for dinner. Marvelous.


And, yet, several weeks after the glorious addition to one of my favorite sites, I have still not watched one show on Amazon. Embarrassing. And I call myself a media fan. So, I have decided to issue myself a challenge. Next week, I will only watch (and review) shows offered on Amazon. No, this does not mean I am breaking up with Netflix. We have a long history together and at this point, I am too emotionally involved.  I just want to see what prime could have in store for me.


In focusing on the Amazon Prime content for a week, I will not only be able to review the shows, but the site and media selection as well. I don’t know much about what is available to me to watch for free on Amazon; though I do know that not all of their streaming movies and TV shows are free to prime members. For example, new releases are not part of this package and typically cost about $2.99 or $3.99. Oh well, I will just have to make do.


So, wish me luck on my weeklong endeavor. I am not sure if I will make a dent in my Netflix queue (as I don’t know what is available to me on Amazon yet), but I will make the most of what is there. This should be fun! Smile 


Happy Thursday!

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