Out on Netflix: 4//19/11 Edition

Does your queue need some sprucing up? Maybe you are too comfortable with each other and don’t even bother trying to look nice for it anymore. Why not do something nice for your queue: perhaps a little “adding spree” would make it feel young again. Feel free to insert any makeover scene from just about any random teen movie here. Personally, I’m feeling the Encino Man montage myself, bud-dy (“I’m too sexy for this song…”). If you are looking for that special something to give to your queue, check out the new releases on Netflix this week.


Arthur and the Invisibles: The New Minimoy Adventures—First, let me tell you that spell check is clearly NOT a fan of this title. I currently have the first Arthur and the Invisibles in my queue (no joke, I am serious). Once I am done with that, and if it passes my strict quality control standards, I may add The New Minimoy as well.


Captain Planet and the Planeteers— While this may be an awesome show for kids, I am having Dr. Manhattan flashbacks when I see the blue Captain Planet.


How Do You Know— Yeah, I know I am supposed to love Reese Witherspoon and I am probably outing myself as some sort of demon when I say I am just OK with her work; but that’s just how I feel. I’m also really unsure about How Do You Know.  I have just been burned more times than not by the romcom genre. I always want to like them, but these films have fallen short for me the past few years. I suppose there may be worse films to add on your queue and, who knows, I may eventually add it to mine; but in the mean time, I will exercise restraint and pass.


Hyenas— Damn. After reading the synopsis of this movie (which mentions “human-hyena” hybrids and the fact that these hyena people hunt and eat humans), I may regret adding Anaconda 3 to my queue a few weeks back. Hyenas sounds like it could be a good-bad movie, but I met my monthly allotment of those films with both Anaconda 3 and Sharks in Venice. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be (yet).


Ip Man 2—I would usually be all about a highly rated martial arts movie, but I haven’t even seen Ip Man 1. However, I have been having some internet issues, so it may be worth checking out.


Kes—New to the Netflix genre of “classics” is Kes, a 1969 film about a bullied boy and a bird he begins to train. I have actually never heard of this film before today, so I can only assume it is not like a Citizen Kane classic or a Mannequin classic; but may well be worth watching. Usually I don’t like to watch animal movies (I become terribly broken up if something bad happens to the animal or if they die at the end—this may all have started with Old Yeller). Yes, I realize this is odd—that I can watch the crappiest reality TV shows or stupidest movies and find enjoyment from them, yet shy away from potentially wonderful films because I am upset when I see an animal hurt (even if it’s only pretend). But until I develop a harder heart, sappy animal movies will most likely not make it to my queue. And while Kes may not be that type of film, I will save myself some heartache and keep right on browsing.


The King’s Speech— Colin Firth gives an Oscar-winning performance as King George VI, a king who suffers from a speech impediment and enlists the help of Geoffrey Rush (speech therapist Geoffrey Rush, not undead pirate Geoffrey Rush) to overcome the stutter and lead his nation during WWII. Dude, that was totally on my queue, like, months ago. The question is, should I bump it to the top?


The Little Engine That Could— I probably need to watch a film like this for motivation. I think I can (write a book), I think I can (write blog posts), I think I can (organize the hall closet…. OK, maybe not that last one). This is probably a wonderful film for the kiddies– and has a pretty cool cast as well.


Rabbit Hole—This critically acclaimed film stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as a couple who must attempt to cope with the loss of their young son. I have heard wonderful things about Rabbit Hole—from both movie reviews and friends who have seen the film. It may be worth checking out (but make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy).


Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure— Am I out of touch because I don’t know who Sharpay is? Should I be concerned that, according to Netflix, this film is not rated? Is this because of graphic content or is this just the raunchy, unrated version? This one is a pass for me. A solid pass. Oh, and I think I figured out where the world’s supply of pink sequins went.


Shaun the Sheep: The Big Chase— Wow. I totally didn’t realize there were that many Shaun the Sheep films out there. I love Shaun. I love his cute little sweaters and his adorable face. I may come around and start watching these some time, but I am trying to exercise willpower here. I just won’t look at Shaun’s sad eyes as I navigate away from the page.


Skyline—Coming in at a whopping 1.75 stars is Skyline. Here we find a small group of earthlings who need to band together to fight the Martians. OK, the aliens could really be from any planet, but how cute would it be to see an army of Marvins? Pretty damn cute if you ask me. Their guns probably wouldn’t end up shooting bullets or lasers, but a sign that says: “bang.” I’ve heard this is a pretty bad film, but I want to see for myself. Thus it is added. However, for a really good alien movie, check out District 9 if you haven’t seen it. 🙂


Square Grouper— This documentary is about drug trafficking in Florida during the 1970s and 80s. It seems oddly specific. While it may be a decent film, it doesn’t really interest me at this point.


The Tourist—Hallelujah! This triple Golden Globe nominated film is finally out on DVD. I will admit when I first saw the trailer, I thought it looked like it could be a decent action flick; and added it to my queue. I know I give it a hard time for being nominated for the Golden Globes thrice over, but that does seem a little out of place to me. I can imagine the person with the ballot, going back and forth about whether to vote for The Tourist or Burlesque, The Tourist or Burlesque. Decisions, decisions.


The Way Back— I was able to breath a sigh of relief when I saw that Jim Sturgess has two movies released on DVD in the past two weeks. It’s a sign. I must add this film about a group of WWII soldiers who, while escaping, apparently traverse the whole globe on foot. Yeah, I know, they are men and wouldn’t stop to ask for directions (bod doom doom ch). It does actually sound like an interesting film and worth checking out. It’s got all the elements of an “award worthy” film: an excellent ensemble cast, World War II, people traveling great distances, and someone on the cover assumedly yelling “nooooo!” (or “roooar!” It’s always hard to tell which).


UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort— Wow, the UFC is really cranking these DVDs out. This is the second in two weeks (maybe they are working with the same people Jim Sturgess works with). I have actually never watched a sporting event on DVD, and curiosity may eventually get the better of me….just not today.


Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen— OK, I have to admit that the description of this film intrigues me. It’s a German film about a religious woman in the 12th-century who faces judgment for preaching her beliefs in a time where the preachin’ was to be done by the menfolk. Vision really interests me and I really do love watching movies about the Medieval times (well, really any historical movie tends to grab my attention).


Yogi Bear—Why, JT? Why?

In the words of the great Bugs Bunny, “That’s all, folks.” So go ahead—get your queue a little something. Show it that you care. Smile


Thanks for reading and have an awesome Monday!

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  1. Rachael

    Hurray for Captain Planet! Now if only they’d get Freakazoid and Widget, and a playlist so I can just watch shows without having to click a button.

    April 18th, 2011

  2. Megan

    [*plugs ears] la la la, I’m not listening. That makes me want to add Captain Planet (and more) to my already bursting-at-the-seams queue 😉

    I totally think a playlist would be an awesome idea. I love that hulu has one. Or at least, it would be cool if Netflix automatically played the next episode in a TV series.

    April 18th, 2011

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