Day 25: Bones, season 3 and 4

I think I may have had my fill of Bones for a while. I ravenously watched the first two seasons. I even enjoyed most of the third season. But I am about halfway through the fourth right now, and I have to put my gluttonous consumption of this show on hold for the time being.


Season three seems to have been cut short by the writers’ strike; as there are only 15 episodes instead of the usual 26. During this season, the team solves their typical crimes and deal with the daily lab drama—all while chasing a cannibalistic, conspiracy-theorist serial killer. I don’t know if they were in a rush to finish the season or they just took the easy way out, but it takes a turn for the weird and unbelievable. However, on the plus side, they introduce a new character, Dr. Sweets (played by John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks), as a psychologist and profiler. While it took me a couple of episodes to recognize him as an adult—and without his comic books, Dungeons and Dragons accessories, or his membership card to the av club– I found him to be an interesting addition to the team.


Season four also adds new characters to the team, including the actress who played “Lizzie” in Undeclared (were they intentionally sticking with a Judd Apatow theme?). Sadly, these new interns seem really one-dimensional and fairly irritating. As the team lost a member the previous season, the writers tried to fill the gap. Instead of opting for character development, they decided to do randomly throw in different people—on a rotating schedule—each of whom doesn’t work out, but still keep showing up for no apparent reason.


I wonder if the writers were bored this season. Weird stuff happens—even for this show. We see Booth and Bones go undercover—and it just seems really bizarre. In one episode, they pretend to be circus performers. Should I have been surprised that Booth can throw knives with precision and Bones is able to walk a tightrope? I was. Should I be concerned that Booth escapes the grasp of a serial killer with the help of a ghost? I am a little bit. Should the fact that they started their season with two episodes in London make me cautious? It should have. Is it a bit strange that Booth and Bones happen upon bodies like a dieter upon Ho-Hos? Very– they even stumbled upon a dead body in their plane on their way to China. That’s pushing it.


So, at this point, I am taking a break from Bones. I will return and finish the season at a later date, but I think I have to take a breather. I am removing both seasons three and four from my queue—even though I haven’t completed the fourth season yet. I may add this season at a later date, but until then, I am freeing myself from Bones‘ grasp.


Season Three Score: B

Season Four Score: C-

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 190

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