So, you want to watch a werewolf movie…..

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that you just watched a werewolf movie and were disappointed. However, you still have the desire to watch people turn into animals and then do crazy shit. Sound like you? If so, perhaps check out one of these shows for a lycanthropic good time. Woop woop.


American Werewolf in Paris and/or London— These are probably “classic” werewolf movies (London more so than Paris), and I think that the transformation scenes are remarkable. Plus, they are just fun.



Being Human—I have only seen the BBC version (so far), but am absolutely blown away by it. It is one of the better shows I have seen, period. I love how the werewolf is pretty much a dorky human (but a kickass wolf). This series is so unique and well done. It deserves to be on your queue.


Harry Potter V: The Order of the Phoenix— How could I not include HP on this list? While the “look” of the werewolf in the film is not my favorite in the history of cinema; I do love David Thewlis and Gary Oldman (OK, technically Sirius is an animagus; but it’s close enough). Plus, this it’s the most kid-friendly werewolf I’ve seen outside of the world of Scooby-Doo.


New Moon—WARNING: I do not recommend this movie without the Rifftrax commentary. With the smartass comments, it’s simply hilarious. Hey, even the first few lines from the commentary (addressing the all-important issue of whether the moon onscreen was actually “new”) cracks us up. My husband laughs so hard he practically pees his pants when he watches this film. Now I realize why we go through a lot of sofas at our house.


Teen Wolf— Clearly the most misunderstood aspect of lycanthropy is how it improves both your basketball skills and your ability to “surf” on top of a van. Teen Wolf has the guts to address both issues with heart, honesty, and a tenderness found nowhere else.


True Blood—So, maybe I haven’t seen the third season which has werewolves (apparently Nazi werewolves at that!). But I actually like the show and I have high hopes that the third season will treat werewolves with the same respect it treats vampires and shifters. Wait, does that make me sound like a total weirdo?


Van Helsing—Yeah, it is with great reservation that I add Van Helsing to this list. To clarify, I am only including it on my favorite werewolf movie list because the effects in this film are (for the most part) really phenomenal. The scenes where humans transform into their beastly selves were just awesome. The rest of the film on the other hand……


Werewolf (MST3K)— This is one of the best episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 ever. It’s a perfect combination of smart, funny commentary on top of a cheesy, good-bad werewolf film. I just don’t know why the werewolves in the movie look like a guy in a gorilla costume wearing a wolf mask, but it’s a fair trade for the joy I get from this MST3K episode.

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