Wednesday Review-a-thon (Crap, I almost wrote Review-a-thong. That would be a totally different blog post)

I love Wednesdays. Yeah, I know, next to Monday, Wednesdays are probably the most loathed day of the week. They tend to remind us that we are only halfway through the work week and must wade through a few more days until the weekend. However, I have a fondness for the misjudged middle of the week. Not only is it spelled in a really cool way, but it’s fun to say. Also, the local farmer’s market is held on Wednesdays. What’s not to love about a trip to visit the regional vendors to score some bitchin’ fresh-from-the farm produce?


Although I simply adore Wednesdays, it always seems to fly by at warp speed. I guess I spend too much time having coffee and strolling through the farmer’s market; then bringing the goodies home and cooking some fun, new recipe(s). Because I spend so much time fiddling about on Hump Day, my writing tends to take a backseat. I know, it’s bad; but sometimes it is hard to motivate myself to write a 1-2 page film review when pea tendrils, fresh dill, and nectarines sit in the kitchen, awaiting to be made into some awesome dish (no, they don’t all necessarily end up in the same one). So, in an attempt to trick myself into writing a review and as a way to take a few titles off of my “to write” list, I am going to post a few mini-reviews today. I don’t know if it will work. Consider it an experiment. Like Frankenstein’s monster or the MTV remake of Teen Wolf.


The theme of today’s mini-review-a-thon is “Movies I Saw on the Plane.” Yeah, I realize it sounds like a category on The $25,000 Pyramid.


The King’s Speech

Long story short, a prince (Colin Firth) with a stuttering problem and public speaking issues decides to take lessons with an unconventional vocal therapist (Geoffrey Rush). When his brother (Guy Pearce) abdicates the throne, the prince becomes King George VI during a time of crisis and must overcome his stutter in order to lead his nation amidst the chaos of WWII. Everyone loved this film—and by everyone, I really mean critics. Surprisingly, I found it to be much better than I expected. Usually I have an aversion to anything “the man” tells me is phenomenal. I quite loved the tone, set, and costumes in The King’s Speech. The story was decent and the acting was high caliber. If you are a period drama type of person, take time to check it out. If not, go and watch Dawn of the Dead or Ladybugs again. Heck, I will probably do that anyway.

Score: B+




Oh Rango, how the heck do I summarize you? Well, here goes nothing. Daydreaming thespian chameleon (Rango, voice by Johnny Depp) is thrown out of a car on a southwestern highway. This lizard meets another lizard named Beans (I really don’t know why more people aren’t naming their kids after the magical fruit these days). Rango follows Beans back to her stereotypical western town complete with saloons, owls, and tortoises; where he tells a fib. Before he knows it, Rango is sheriff of the town and on the trail of a water thief. While the story is predictable, the animation is actually quite interesting. Sure, there are a number of “wtf” moments and a few jokes I was shocked to find in a Nickelodeon movie, but overall it was an above average film.

Score: B



Cedar Rapids

Everyone knows that Cedar Rapids is the party capital of the U.S. It was only a matter of time until a film picked up on this and exposed the Midwest city to the world. Yeah, I heard The Hangover was originally shot in Cedar Rapids; but it was way too raunchy thus they had to relocate to Las Vegas, a considerably tamer city. Ed Helms stars as Tim, an extremely square, naive insurance salesman who, under orders from his boss, must attend an insurance convention in the big city of Cedar Rapids. As can be imagined, Tim gets himself in trouble when he starts to pal around with loose canon, Dean (John C. Reilly). I was really excited when this movie came out and almost saw it in the theaters. It seemed right up my alley—I’m from Iowa and the film takes place in Iowa. Hey, it’s more in common than I have with most of the crap I watch. Admittedly, I really enjoyed the first half of the film, but I grew less and less fond of it as it plugged along. I guess the good kind of balances the bad, leaving me just “eh” about this indie comedy.

Score: C (maybe C+ to give a little love to my home state)


The Mechanic

I could not finish this Jason Statham-Ben Foster action flick. Basically, Statham plays an assassin for hire (what?). Foster seeks out Statham to teach him the murderous ways of a paid killer in order to avenge his father’s death. Little does Foster know (yeah, I pulled out a “little did he know” today), but Statham was the dude that offed his pa. I am not sure how it ends. I could barely get through thirty minutes of The Mechanic before I had to shut it off. I really wanted to like it—does that count for something?

Score: F


The Adjustment Bureau

My husband enjoyed this Matt Damon sci-fi drama. Sadly, I couldn’t get into it. Maybe I had overloaded on Emily Blunt when I saw Gulliver’s Travels. Maybe I thought some of the acting in The Adjustment Bureau was a bit stiff. Maybe I just didn’t care that a top secret organization was manipulating politics and erasing the memories of a politician’s staff (although to be quite honest, laser lobotomies would explain a lot about some of the things politicians say). Maybe I just was over the whole in-flight-entertainment on a tiny, poorly lit screen. Whatever the case, I couldn’t finish it—if you were able to, more power to you.

Score: D-


Have a happy Wednesday!

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