Day 27: The Back-Up Plan (2010)

Last Saturday I found myself alone at home with the cats and dog. My husband was working some overtime, and I felt like spending my evening in. Wait. I should preface this by stating that earlier in the day, I cleaned out the freezer and found a sleeve of Thin Mints from Girl Scout Cookie Season (score!). Two Netflix DVDs also arrived that day. There was Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge. So, let’s just say when the cat’s away, the mice will play.


I took the puppy for a quick stroll around the block and settled in for the night. A cool breeze blew in through the windows in the media room, gently rustling the curtains. The sofa was comfortable with a kitty on one end and the puppy on the other. Darkness settled in outside like men watching football after Thanksgiving dinner. All of this added up to the perfect movie-watching environment. Opening the two mysterious red envelopes, I hurried to see what awaited me. Inside envelope number one– The Blind Side. Sweet! A football movie to set the tone for football season. The only drawback is I had previously promised my husband I would watch it with him. “That’s all good, I have another disc,” I thought (or maybe I said it aloud. When I am home alone, I have a crazy tendency to talk to the animals. Things get really interesting when they argue with me). So, what was behind door number two, you may ask (if you happened to ignore this post’s title)? The Back-Up Plan. Yes, I am serious.


Now, this isn’t the type of movie I usually have in my queue. It certainly isn’t the type that I would push to position number one. But I did. I received some ill-informed advice that led me to this decision. Someone told me that if you have a DVD with “short wait” posted by it, that you would most likely received an extra DVD in the mail. They said that Netflix usually sends the next movie in your queue until the short waiter becomes available. Then, they send that one as well. Apparently the person who told me this is the same who said I could receive a free iPad if I click a certain link or a $25 Chili’s gift card if I forward an email. Shame on me for falling for this, because I got stuck with The Back-Up Plan (somewhat ironic, because I didn’t have one for that night).


The Back-Up Plan stars Jennifer Lopez as Zoe, a prosperous pet-shop owner with many zany friends who she apparently only sees long enough for each to say something snappy, and then she moves on with her day. This isn’t enough for Zoe, and she decides to have a baby via artificial insemination. On the exact day that she has the procedure done, Zoe bumps into Stan (Alex O’Loughlin). After a few random encounters and several conversations that are 79% banter, they decide to pursue their relationship—even though she is pregnant. The remainder of the film deals with both Zoe and Stan as they attempt to decide if they want to be together. Zoe is afraid of commitment. Stan is worried he can’t afford to support a family (he is a goat farmer, after all, but can inexplicably afford to start up his own business in NYC and a ring with a diamond as large as an olive). How will this story end? I am sure you can guess. I did.


One quality I strive for in my reviews is honesty. I want to be as straightforward and as truthful as possible. Usually this isn’t a problem. However, I was always taught, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” (maybe this explains why I tend to be a quiet person). Thus, I find myself in a pickle. I have to say something because this is a review, so here goes.


  • J-Lo has a pretty cool nickname.
  • I like that this film is shot in New York.
  • The opening credit sequence is very stylized.
  • I like Thin Mints.
  • The film was under two hours long.
  • The main character owns a pet store, which is pretty cool.
  • When I watched this DVD, my puppy was chasing something (probably one of our kitties) in his sleep. That was funny.
  • Sometimes the characters had brief moments of not being totally unlikable or unrealistic.
  • The envelope the film arrived in was red, making it easy to find.
  • The Back-Up Plan had some product placement for McDonald’s (I wonder what the Happy Meal movie tie-in toy was though?).

How was that? Pretty nice, right?


Score: D

Netflix Queue:474 (I think some “saved” movies made their way into the queue, explaining the numerical discrepancy. I am still really unsure how the queues are numbered anyway.)

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  1. Trish

    I just wanted to let you know that sometimes Netflix really does send an extra DVD, I just got one last week. Must depend on how soon they anticipate the “short wait” being available or what kind of mood the mailroom guy is in 🙂

    Also, I’m loving reading your blog… The one about the Emmys totally took me back to childhood, probably because I knew you then!

    August 31st, 2010

  2. meg

    Ha- likely story! I will believe it when I see it. Hehe! Is Santa real too?

    I am thrilled you like my blog! 😀

    September 2nd, 2010

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