Day 30: The IT Crowd, series 2 (2007)

Caution: watch The IT Crowd at your own risk! After watching season 1 (or, series 1, as they say across the pond) of The IT Crowd, I experienced technical difficulties. Naturally, I attributed these issues to the date that I watched it—Friday the 13th. However, I just completed the second season and once more my internet is going crazy and my computer is becoming increasingly less cooperative (and I thought we were a team). Now I wonder if the show itself is the cause of my technical woes. And yes, I tried turning all the machines off and on– they are still acting up.


In series two (I will stick with the U.K.’s way of saying it, plus I am writing with a fake English accent), we find our IT department bloody hard at work as usual. Then, unexpectedly, a tragedy befalls the head of the company and his long-lost son is forced to take over as CEO—oh, bollocks! So the blokes in the IT department, Roy and Moss, have several misadventures as Jen, their manager, tries to deal with their anti-social, geeky behavior. This is fairly difficult for her as the chaps have fairly underdeveloped social skills (basically the T-Rex arms of the personal interaction world), nor do they care to work on being more approachable. “People,” as Roy says in the third episode, “what a bunch of bastards.” Carry on, old chaps.


Usually, subsequent seasons of a show have a difficult time living up to the first; but the second series of The IT Crowd may have surpassed the standard it set previously. Not only is the writing and the acting spot-on for an over-the-top comedy show, but the sets are also remarkable. Let me clarify here– the sets are extremely minimal and look really cheesy. This is part of what makes the show brilliant. In the US, I could see a lot of money funneled into a show to make it look “real”–usually at the expense of the story. However, The IT Crowd is a brilliant example of how audiences are willing to look past the low production value when the story and jokes can carry the show. As a viewer, I tend to forget how extremely fake the set looks because I am caught up in the laughs. Bloody good show, old chaps. Bloody good.


I have to admit, technology curse or not, that I find this show bloody enjoyable. It makes me laugh more than most sitcoms (and I have seen Reba, so I know what the standards for sitcoms are). The IT Crowd is well written– with clever bits of wordplay, zany antics, and silly stories. Perhaps that is the best word that describes the show– silly (er, I’m sorry, bloody silly). In my mind, that is one of the best kinds of humor– good-natured in its intent, and always good for a chuckle. Bravo, IT Crowd, bravo.



Score: A

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