Day 120: Misfits, season 1 (2009)

Every now and then, I stumble on to something unexpected—a show that I know nothing about (not even any of the actors in it). Let me assure you, finding one such title is quite an accomplishment as I read a lot of entertainment news, watch a fair amount of television, and consume trailers as fast as companies can make ’em. I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of what to watch. However, I was surprised when Hulu kept recommending that I watch Misfits because I didn’t even know it existed. And from the commercials I couldn’t tell if it was a weird superhero series, a wacky British comedy, a teen show, or something in between.


Naturally, I resisted Hulu’s suggestion. Sure, I put it on my queue, but I just never brought myself around to watching that first episode. Then, one fateful Sunday evening, my husband was browsing hulu, logged in as me. He saw what Hulu had been telling me for weeks—that I may be interested in Misfits. And, after watching the first episode, we were totally hooked. Totally.


Misfits is about a group of juvenile delinquents doing community service in England. Things are fine and dandy (well, as fine as a bunch of young criminals doing time can be) until the freak storm hits. After the storm, some of these young adults found that they now had special powers. However, they weren’t alone. Others in the city also developed supernatural abilities—including their parole officer who apparently turned into an insane Hulk. So, the unlikely group must deal with their nascent abilities all while covering up a crime, battling other people with powers, learning to deal with each other, and cleaning graffiti off the walls. Wow—being a super hero ain’t the same as it used to be.


Here is the part of my review where I rave about this show. I absolutely love it. In fact, it is easily my favorite show that I have seen all summer (granted, this isn’t so difficult during the time of year that gives us The Bachelorette, Big Brother, and 18 different shows starring Gordon Ramsay). Honestly though, even if I had seen the Misfits during a decent time of TV programming, it still would rank really highly with me.


I think that part of the appeal of Misfits is that it is not your typical superhero show. Some of the superpowers are just bizarre (although they may be refined as the characters learn to understand them more) and the plot line at times resembles more of a crime drama than the typical show about men wearing underwear on top of their tights. During the first season, the characters do not fight a super villain. They don’t use their powers for good. Heck, they really don’t use their powers much at all. But I think that is what makes Misfits unique. I want to watch it to find out how these young adults deal with their newfound abilities. And I can be patient, because I am pretty certain these powers will come into play more as the seasons progress.


The characters are flawed—some deeply so. When Nathan (played by Robert Sheehan) first came onscreen, I told my husband that I hoped he wasn’t the main character because I couldn’t stand him. You see, Nathan is annoying. He just doesn’t shut up and is always joking. Suffice it to say, he really rubbed me the wrong way. However, as the season progressed, I became less aware of his irritating nature and more intrigued with how he interacts with others. Pair that with the super creepy, socially inept Simon (Iwan Rheon) and there is enough tension in the group that makes me wonder if they will ever truly be a “team.”


I’m quite fond of the actors. Each is able to bring their character to life with a certain amount of charm—and trust me, it has to be a difficult task to make characters like Nathan or Simon likeable enough for the audience to root for them.


It’s funny, because looking back on the first season, not much happens. But somehow that works. I was sucked in to the story, devouring the episodes impatiently. Now I am stuck waiting (patiently) for the episodes of the second season to be available on hulu. Damn.


By now, it is glaringly obvious that I would highly recommend Misfits. It is fun, unique, and engaging. It is also only available on Hulu, not on Netflix.


Thanks for reading and have a super duper day!


Score: A+

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  1. Brad

    At first I thought you where going to review Misfits of Science. I loved that show.

    August 3rd, 2011

  2. Megan

    Aw man! Is that something else I should add to my queue? 😉

    August 4th, 2011

  3. djsosonut

    Nice write-up. This show is amazing. Really hope you’re enjoying the 2nd season. The mythology gets really deep. It can be hit or miss with people. It was a big hit for me.

    August 9th, 2011

  4. Megan

    Thanks! 🙂
    I am such a fan of this show. I really love the second season so far (only three episodes in at this point, but wow!). I’ve been highly recommending this show to everyone and I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. Also, I am very intrigued by the show’s opening credit sequence…. 🙂

    August 10th, 2011

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