Kevin Hart: I’m A Grown Little Man (2008)

Sometimes opening up Netflix is like opening the door to a fully stocked fridge when you are really hungry. Often,  I can spend a while browsing in a feeble attempt to decide what choice I want to make. I will push around the condiments in search of some hidden gem in the back or perhaps get enticed by the previous night’s leftovers; but ultimately I just have to make a damned decision (because I don’t want to cool the entire house with that fridge door being left open so long). However, there are times when, no matter how good things are in your fridge, that you just want to order out.


That’s kind of what happened to me the other day while looking for something good to watch on my queue. After several minutes of flipping through the hundreds of options on my “to watch” list, I found myself perusing the new to Watch Instantly section. There I stumbled upon Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man.


I’m a Grown Little Man showcases Kevin Hart and one of his stand-up comedy routines. While his jokes don’t necessarily fit in to any single category, he spends time discussing family, relationships, and poking fun of himself. This was my first time watching Hart do stand-up. I’ve seen him in a few movies and he recently had a spot on Modern Family (and I really hope that he has a few more episodes in this show because he was funny), and I decided to give his stand-up a try. I wasn’t disappointed.


In the past, I have found watching stand-up shows to be really hit or miss. I think there is something to be said about stand-up being better to see live rather than on TV. The shared experience of sitting in the dark with an audience tends to make the comedy more enjoyable. Laughter is contagious and often the comedian feeds off the audience—lending to an “in-joke” experience for the crowd.


However, Hart kept my attention for the entire show. He has such a likeable demeanor that it is hard not to be engaged in his performance. For Hart, the words seem to flow seamlessly. He is a quick talker and I am amazed at how he connects all the anecdotes with no awkward pauses. Heck, I am sure I would forget half of the jokes I wanted to tell. His material was funny and interesting—leading to several laugh-out-loud moments for me. Also, some of his facial expressions alone were enough to earn a chuckle.


I really appreciated how Hart did not fill his monologue with “f” bombs and random swear words. Hey, I’m no prude and I probably cuss too much myself, but I hate it when comedians (or writers) overuse profanity by inserting it after every other word. When used like place holders, the swear words make the performer seem immature and inexperienced. Now I am not saying there is no swearing in this stand-up routine; it is just used sparingly—which makes it more effective.


After watching I’m a Grown Little Man, it is really hard not to like Kevin Hart. He seems funny, sincere, and witty. I really enjoyed his stand-up routine and will definitely check out more from him in the future.


Thanks for reading and have an excellent day!


Score: B

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 162

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