Exam (2008)

Exam is an independent thriller about eight job applicants who are secluded in a room to take a test presumably to see who is qualified for a mysterious position. However, when they start the exam, they are presented with nothing but a blank sheet of paper. The applicants are then faced with what the employer is actually testing and to what lengths they may go to pass.


I’ve sat down on several occasions to try to watch this film, but I just can not finish it. So, after over a year of having Exam in my queue, I have decided to cut my losses and just take it off my list. I guess some times even I have my limits.


While Exam isn’t a horrible movie, it just did not do enough to make me care about the characters, why they were taking the test, or who passes. I wasn’t compelled to see what happens and I am one of the easier audiences to please (heck, I’m watching America’s Next Top Model right now, so it’s not like my standards are unrealistically high). Often, Exam seemed to try too hard—which is one of the most annoying things a film can do in my opinion.


And so, Exam joins the ranks of such films as Seven Pounds—those that defeat me, that I can’t complete. I am sure there is an audience for this movie, it’s just not me.


Thanks for reading and have a super day!


Score: I/D*

Watch Instantly Queue: 161

* I am debating whether to amend this score. My husband thinks Exam should earn an “F” since I couldn’t sit through the film. However, I have seen far worse films than this one. Maybe I will change my score to a D- …

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