Drop Dead Diva: Seasons 1-2 (2009-10)

Although I have a plethora of titles on my instant queue and two DVDs from Netflix sitting on my coffee table at home, there are times when I just want to go off-the-queue. My Drop Dead Diva marathon (albeit spaced out over several weeks) was one of those instances.


Now I can honestly say that I don’t know why I started watching Drop Dead Diva. Maybe Netflix recommended it to me because I liked Scooby Doo or some other crime-solving show. Or perhaps I was just browsing Watch Instantly titles. All I know is that one thing led to another and I found myself powering through this TV show.


Drop Dead Diva is about a super model, Deb, who dies in a car crash and somehow ends up in the body of a plus-sized lawyer, Jane (Brooke Elliott). Deb and Jane are practically polar opposites. Deb is superficial and skinny. Jane is intelligent and has very little interest in fashion and outward appearances. And so, Deb must live her life as Jane working in a high-profile law firm. Because she told her best friend that “Jane” is really “Deb,” heaven sent down a guardian angel, Fred, to make sure Jane-Deb keeps her lips sealed (she’s a yakker).


For the most part, Drop Dead Diva is a typical courtroom drama. In each episode, Jane takes on a case that she always wins by some miraculous revelation at the last minute. It’s not the best courtroom drama I’ve seen on television and often seemed to be watered down.


Now I know this is going to sound really nitpicky since I watched both seasons of this show, but often the production value of Drop Dead Diva really felt Lifetime-y (which I suppose is appropriate since it is a Lifetime show). I think the concept of this show is good, but often the episodes have a hard time focusing on the main theme. Most of the time, it doesn’t seem as if Jane-Deb has issues adjusting to her new life and the fact that she is in another person’s body seems to be forgotten by the writers. Much of the drama in her life is her attempting to find love (because being in a relationship is all that matters, right?). I just felt that this show could be so much more.


Also, I was not a fan of how Elliott played Jane. When Jane walks in high heels, she reminds me of some cartoon character—like the legs in a Baby Herman cartoon or something. She also giggles incessantly and grabs her head when she has an idea. I mean, who does that?


That being said, I found myself liking the show in a guilty pleasure type of way. Yes, I got annoyed with some of the acting and many of the characters, but not enough for me to stop watching. Overall, I would say that Drop Dead Diva may be worth a watch if there is nothing else on TV or you feel like a really, really light courtroom drama.


Thanks for reading and have a super duper day! Tee hee! 😉


Score: C-

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 165

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