Day 34: The IT Crowd, season—er, sorry, SERIES 3 (2008)

Sorry, but I am so unmotivated to write today. I took a few days off while I visited the old stomping grounds, and apparently my creative ambition was zapped on the flight back home. I don’t know whether to blame the recycled air on the plane or how uncomfortable the seats were, but either way I feel that I left my brain 30,000 plus feet in the air. Double oy.


Also—and I am sure this sounds really fishy—but my computer is acting up again. This seems very convenient as I started working on the review for The IT Crowd, series 3. What the hell, IT Crowd? Do you have a problem with me? I tried to put the Land of the Lost DVD in the computer to watch it (because we don’t own a DVD player anymore), and the computer just flat out rejected it. OK, so maybe the machine has my best interests at heart. Land of the Lost does have a tomatometer rating of 26%,–maybe my computer loves me and doesn’t want me to watch unfresh films (Although this doesn’t explain how it so eagerly accepted Vampire’s Assistant. I mean, if the computer is going to start helping me out, it started a bit late to save me from that one. ). Sigh. Perhaps I really needed an intervention with the long list of films in my queue that are of questionable quality and the little HP is just trying to help. Or maybe it really just enjoys The IT Crowd. I can’t say I entirely blame it.


So, series 3 follows the same basic formula as the first two. Trust me when I say that I don’t think this is a bad thing at all, as I really liked this show so far. Roy and Moss are up to their usual antics (isn’t this always the best word to describe comedic actions, really?); while Jen tries to deal with her job in a department she knows nothing about and two geeks that seem to complicate her life. I have to say that Moss may be one of my all-time favorite British sitcom characters. Delightful (That should be read in Moss’s voice—if you have watched the season, you know what I’m talking about).


I found the “Friendface” episode is particularly funny. Everyone in the office decides to create their own profile on a social networking site, which sets up the action for the episode. Roy is contacted by an old flame. Although he dumped her years before (without giving reason since he was afraid to tell the truth), Jen convinces Roy to explain to the ex why it didn’t work out. Meanwhile, Jen meets up with a few friends from high school and feels vastly inferior to their successful lives. Her high school reunion is coming up (surprise, surprise) and she opts to “pad her resume,” so to speak—both professionally and socially. She talks Moss into pretending to be her extremely successful husband for the reunion (she tried to ask other people, but ended up with Moss). Silly antics ensue. Moss starts to create a crazy background for Jen while at the reunion (Oh, Jen, did you forget that Moss is a horrible liar? Remember when he told a guy you were dead because he couldn’t think of a better excuse about why you were avoiding the man?). Moss even ends up telling all of Jen’s old schoolmates that he is a professional tennis player. Really? A professional tennis player? It’s a pickle (again, said in Moss’s voice).


However, this episode makes me wonder why people feel the need to talk themselves up when meeting with those they haven’t seen in a while. Thinking back on my visit home, I wonder if I am perhaps guilty of this too. When I see classmates I haven’t seen in years, I know become blessed with the gift of gab– usually this involves talking without really thinking. So, I may have said that I am a cultured person, and have been to bunches(yes, a precise term) of cultural events and tried many, unique and diverse restaurants. What I should have said was that I tackled a cheeseburger from In and Out while watching an episode of Top Chef (it was filmed in Singapore, though!). And maybe I exaggerated just a smidge when I said my dog was a super hero who has saved countless lives and can fly. In all honesty, I am thrilled that he doesn’t pee in the house and only humps people’s legs occassionally. And I really hope I didn’t sound like I was boasting when I said I have seen several movie stars. The thing is, I have– just mostly in the movies or on billboards. Darn this silly need for social acceptance!


So I guess what I have really learned from watching The IT Crowd is that I lie (horribly) like Moss, have an inexplicable need to be socially accepted like Jen, and have no backbone like Roy. Perhaps that is why I like the show so much– I find a piece of myself in each character. That seems slightly too deep for a Monday. Did I mention my dog is a super hero?


Score: A

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 198 (Since I am being totally honest today, I have to admit I didn’t actually put this in my queue. I just watched it because I apparently became obsessed with the show and had to watch all series that were available to view on watch instantly.)

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  1. S Jeremy S

    I give you… the internet.

    September 14th, 2010

  2. meg

    I thought it would be heavier. 😉

    September 14th, 2010

  3. “The elders of the internet? The elders of the…?!? They know about ME?”

    September 14th, 2010

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