Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

As I have mentioned earlier this week, I watched a crapload of movies over the holidays. Now, that is all well and good, but once the last of the Christmas cookies have been eaten and the decorations are down, all I am left with is a bunch of reviews to write. So I toyed with which review to write first: should I do them in the order I saw them? Or perhaps from worst to best? Heck, is it best to just be fair and write about them alphabetically? Yeah, I probably spent too much time dwelling on what to post on instead of sitting down to put words to paper. I finally opted to write about the film that caught my attention the most. This brings me to Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine as the title characters. Tucker and Dale just wanted to have a quiet trip to the woods to fix up Tucker’s newly acquired cabin (a definite fixer-upper) and fish. However, when they run into a group of partying college students, things take a turn for the worse. Due to overactive imaginations and a series of miscommunications, the college students think Tucker and Dale are crazy killers (mostly because they look like hillbillies). Driven by fear, the college students start to put themselves in situations where they get themselves killed—which fuels their belief that the two men are serial killers—all while Tucker and Dale think the college students have some sort of suicide pact.


Now I have watched my share of horror movies and there are certain themes that are used in several of these films. One such common story is that of the sexy coeds who take a trip to some remote area only to be slaughtered by some crazy locals (or Jason). Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a spin on this theme. Essentially, it is told from the point-of-view of the “killers”–who in this case aren’t killers at all. And you know what? It really works in this film. Both of the main actors are likeable and funny, yet can be really awkward and unintentionally creepy when interacting with the coeds (which adds to the miscommunication between the two groups).


I really enjoyed this film. It was a good mix of a comedy and a slasher film (yeah, I just said that). While the directing is not as polished as I’ve seen (and at the beginning it is more noticeable than at the end), the story is fun and is strong enough for me to overlook some of the weaker aspects of the movie. Clearly, the filmmakers are fans of the horror film genre because they make effective use of typical themes and at times seem to even be referencing other “classic” horror films.


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil was well worth the watch. It was enjoyable and elicited more than a few chuckles from the group of friends I saw it with. As an added bonus it is now on watch instantly, so there is almost no excuse not to check it out.


Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!


Score: B+

Netflix Queue: 492 (eeek!)

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