Blood and Chocolate (2007)

In part to balance out the positive review I wrote yesterday, I decided to write about Blood and Chocolate today. “Where did this film come from?” you may ask. It certainly wasn’t mentioned on my list of films that I watched over the holidays. Well, the answer to that is quite simple. I didn’t include it in my previous posts because I couldn’t watch the film in its entirety. Yes, I was beaten by a crappy werewolf movie. And I call myself a geek.


Blood and Chocolate is about a werewolf, Vivian, who must choose between her pack and her newfound love/crush (now that’s original). Set in Romania, all of the werewolves with the exception of Vivian (who is American) seem to be British, but the alpha dog (Olivier Martinez) is French. I don’t quite understand why they need to live in Romania (other than the whole “monster” vibe the country emits) or if these people are really related or just use the term “brother” and “cousin” to refer to any shapeshifter, but I wasn’t interested enough in the film to find out (my guess is these questions go unanswered).


I’m not exactly sure at what point Blood and Chocolate lost me. Perhaps it was the odd way that Vivian felt compelled to jump on the side of buildings every time she was running (and she doesn’t get much lift—only about four inches—which was disappointing for a werewolf). Or maybe it was when people transformed into werewolves by doing slow-motion dives through the air before they turn glittery and eventually change into wolf form. However, what truly lost me was poor writing and directing. The plot wasn’t enough to hook me and many of the direction choices were just odd, if not bad.


Blood and Chocolate was just plain disappointing. It wasn’t bad enough to be entertaining (I’m talking to you, Thor), but it certainly wasn’t good enough to warrant my time.


Well, that’s it for today. I hope you have better luck with movies/TV today than I did. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! 🙂


Netflix Queue: 491

Score: F

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