Day 9: Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show (2006)

Recently I have been working in my office– repainting, rearranging, reorganizing (basically anything that starts with “re”). While most of the “big” projects have been completed, I ran into a brick wall today when I decided to sort through the boxes of files I have on hand– or should I say re-sort? (I can’t say resort or people will be confused, thinking that I am living it up on some beach in Mexico. This would result in an angry phone call from my mom, if she ever reads the blog, asking me why I didn’t tell her I was leaving the country. But I digress…). Essentially what this paragraph is trying to say is: I was busy filing today. Fun.


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Day 8: The Running Man (1987)


Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Running Man!


Training for an upcoming 5k put me in the mood to watch an inspiring race movie. As I had already seen Run Fatboy, Run, I scanned my queue to find a film to fit the need. The Running Man caught my attention and was promptly moved to position 1. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was a futuristic gladiator-style battle to the death film.


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Day 6: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief


Percy Jackson, oh Percy Jackson! Why hast thou forsaken me? Or at least why the heck have you changed from a fairly decent children series to an unrecognizable film? I remember fondly the days of yore (er, a couple of months ago) when I powered through the Percy Jackson books. Enticed by a world seeping with the influence of ancient Greek gods and monsters, I followed you to the ends of the United States as you fought for what was good and true. But now, Percy, now I don’t think I know who you are anymore.


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