Spy (2011)

I can be very hit or miss with espionage shows and movies. Some I really enjoy, while others are so predictable while pretending to be unique that it makes me roll my eyes constantly (What? The spy was quadruple crossed by her/his partner/boss/trusted pal? No way!). I’ve never really been a Bond fan—even less so with the most recent films. Mission: Impossible doesn’t float my boat. I am even a little iffy on Harriet the Spy. However, there is one sub-genre of spy films that I absolutely adore—the funny ones.

Bridesmaids (2011)

I am starting to wonder if I have the same sense of humor as “everyone else.” “Everyone” told me that Little Miss Sunshine was the funniest movie they had seen in a long time. So I watched it. I honestly don’t know if I laughed once (note: this is not to say that it was a bad movie, I just didn’t find it to be a comedy). Then, “they” said, “Watch Knocked Up. You will love Knocked Up.” So I did. And while I found it to be funnier than Little Miss Sunshine (though by far not as good of a movie), I was left wanting. Last summer, when Bridesmaids came out, “everyone” again started yakking about how this was the movie to see—the comedy to end all comedies. Heck, I almost went to see it in the theaters because I wanted to not only see a funny movie, but see one with female leads (because, hey, girls can be hilarious too, ya know?).

Whip It (2009)

There was a lot of controversy in my house Saturday. My Netflix DVDs had arrived and I opened them up to find Fright Night and Whip It. One of those films was my choice, the other was assumedly my husband’s– can you guess who chose what? As we settled in to decide on and watch a film, my husband questioned why we had Whip It. The funny thing was, Whip It was not my selection, but his. Plus,  we just had a conversation a few days prior about how he wanted to watch “that roller derby movie.” Being the nice person I am, I bumped it to the top of the queue. Apparently, my husband has a very short term memory since he recalls no such discussion. Regardless, we popped in Whip It and met our fate head on. 


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Death at a Funeral (2007)

Of all the films I saw over the holiday, Death at a Funeral was the biggest disappointment. Now that doesn’t mean it was the worst movie I watched—that award goes to Blood and Chocolate—but I think I had the highest expectations of this British comedy before I popped it in the DVD player. You win some, you lose some, I suppose. I remember watching the trailer for Death at a Funeral (the original U.K. Version) a while back and I thought it seemed witty. The cast was great and I just assumed it would be a madcap British comedy. It wasn’t.


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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

As I have mentioned earlier this week, I watched a crapload of movies over the holidays. Now, that is all well and good, but once the last of the Christmas cookies have been eaten and the decorations are down, all I am left with is a bunch of reviews to write. So I toyed with which review to write first: should I do them in the order I saw them? Or perhaps from worst to best? Heck, is it best to just be fair and write about them alphabetically? Yeah, I probably spent too much time dwelling on what to post on instead of sitting down to put words to paper. I finally opted to write about the film that caught my attention the most. This brings me to Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.


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Kevin Hart: I’m A Grown Little Man (2008)

Sometimes opening up Netflix is like opening the door to a fully stocked fridge when you are really hungry. Often,  I can spend a while browsing in a feeble attempt to decide what choice I want to make. I will push around the condiments in search of some hidden gem in the back or perhaps get enticed by the previous night’s leftovers; but ultimately I just have to make a damned decision (because I don’t want to cool the entire house with that fridge door being left open so long). However, there are times when, no matter how good things are in your fridge, that you just want to order out.


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Day 112: Gulliver’s Travels

We have all made stupid decisions at least a few times in our lives. For me, this list is rather long. Yeah, perhaps the permed bangs (and only the bangs) in junior high weren’t the best idea. And drinking dozens of margaritas with my fish tacos didn’t exactly make me feel great the next day. Don’t even get me started on the purple sequined prom dress, driving with a flat tire down gravel roads, or inhaling while eating a powdered sugar-dusted brownie (thus causing what my uncle diagnoses as “powdered sugar lung disease”). Those weren’t exactly the shining moments of my life.


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Day 105: Slapstick Masters

For the second day of my Amazon challenge, I decided to peruse prime’s film selection. I opened up several tabs, each containing a potential candidate—most of which were Mystery Science Theaters. However, when I stumbled upon a compilation of silent comedy shorts, I decided to give it a whirl. I have always had an affinity for a few of these early film comedians (OK, mostly Buster Keaton), and since I have yet to review anything prior to the 1980s, this seemed like the perfect film to watch.


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Day 103: 30 Rock Season 4 (2009)

Oh, what can I say about 30 Rock season 4 that I haven’t already said about the previous seasons? Turns out, not much. Maybe I just came down with a severe case of writer’s block, but jeez Louise, I don’t know if I can say much new about this show.


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Day 0118 999 881 999 119 7253… Or Day 88 to the Non-IT Crowd Peeps: The IT Crowd: Series 4 (2010)

Every so often, you run into a TV show that just seems like a perfect fit for you. I don’t know, maybe you had a tingle in your stomach the moment your eyes locked, or you laugh at the same jokes. Maybe you even hate the same people. But when you find such a show, you want to hold it close and tell it how you feel. Perhaps you watch a few old episodes to reminisce about the good old days. These are the shows that bring some of the excitement back to watching the dear, sweet idiot box–and I say that with the utmost affection…there are just not as many synonyms for “television” as you may think. When I watched the first season of The IT Crowd, I knew I had found one such show.

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