Day 50: National Geographic: Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (or, my worst nightmare)

I’ve always said that I intend to be totally honest in my blog. So far, I think that I have achieved this. Sure, I have apparently been harsh on a few films. But in my defense, I think both Hot Tub Time Machine and The Book of Eli totally deserved what I gave them. Anyway, they started it. And maybe my choice of films and tv shows can be questionable at best (yes, I do love my ANTM and Bones). But I have always been myself in the posts. Continuing in this vein, I do need to confess something that could possibly cost me readers.

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Day 43: H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer (2003)

I will be upfront here. I decided to watch H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer today because it was one of the shortest movies available on my watch instantly queue at a whopping 64 minutes. There. I said it. Size does make a difference sometimes.


H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer is a documentary about Herman Mudgett, who is better known as Henry Howard Holmes, but let’s call him Hank (hey, you would change your name too if people always confused it with Herman Munster). A doctor and pharmacist by day, and a sociopathic serial killer by night; Hank was terribly busy.

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Day 23: Planet B-Boy (2007)

I am beginning to wonder how films actually end up on my Netflix queue. While I openly admit to adding things after watching trailers, talking to friends, or taking Netflix recommendations, I have found a surprising amount of titles that I don’t remember at all. Does a little elf add random movies to my Netflix queue while I sleep? If so, I should find that elf and thank it for adding Planet B-Boy.


Planet B-Boy is a documentary following several breakdancing teams as they compete in an international competition held in Germany. Through interviews we learn a bit about the history of this style of dance, as well as the competitors and their families. While the competition hosts teams from several countries, this film focuses on teams from the U.S., Korea, Japan, and France; allowing the audience to understand the art form (and sport) from several cultures’ and peoples’ points of view.


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Day 17: Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

I don’t often see movies in the theaters. Sure, there was a time when I had literally seen everything that was out on any given weekend, but those times have changed. Largely due to the prevalence of cell phones (and the lack of manners that accompanies this), I tend to watch my movies in the comfort of my own home. However, I took a chance a few weeks back when we went to see The Other Guys in the theater. Once again, we were reminded why we don’t see movies in theaters as there was not one, but two people who kept checking their cell phones, texting and emailing, during the film. One subsequently gave the people who asked him to stop a dirty look. Yay, movie-going experience. But I digress.


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Day 9: Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show (2006)

Recently I have been working in my office– repainting, rearranging, reorganizing (basically anything that starts with “re”). While most of the “big” projects have been completed, I ran into a brick wall today when I decided to sort through the boxes of files I have on hand– or should I say re-sort? (I can’t say resort or people will be confused, thinking that I am living it up on some beach in Mexico. This would result in an angry phone call from my mom, if she ever reads the blog, asking me why I didn’t tell her I was leaving the country. But I digress…). Essentially what this paragraph is trying to say is: I was busy filing today. Fun.


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Day 3: Life in Cold Blood (disc 1)


Perhaps I wasn’t entirely forthcoming about my list addiction on Netflix. I love adding shows to the queue. If I see a commercial for something that looks interesting, I add it. A friend has a recommendation for me? I add it. IMDB tells me a certain actor or director has done other work? I click add. Netflix tells me I might like it? Consider it added. Sometimes this list obsession has brought me gems, sometimes stinkers. But for sure, what this OCD-style list management has left me with the incredibly long queue.


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