Day 59: The X-Files: Season 2 (1994)

There is something not quite right about me. Now, I’m not talking about the fact that I am older than six years old and I still wear shirts with kitties on them. Nor am I referring to the habit I have of making up songs to sing to the pooch (Although I must admit, the one about the bone-bone is pretty catchy). Or the fact that, on occasion, a handful of Cheetos sounds like the biznomb. Or the fact that I just wrote biznomb in my post today. Hmm….yeah, all of those habits are not quite right, but I was actually referring to my obsession with television shows. I have a compulsive need to finish entire seasons (series, even) as fast as possible. True, I am the type of a person who reads the last page of a mystery, then reads the rest of the book; so I am sure the desire to know what happens propels my compulsive TV habits. But I also just love stories—of all kinds– and I enjoy following interesting characters on their adventures. And isn’t television just the perfect medium for this?

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Day 55 : Being Human, series 1 (2008)

You would that think by now I would know how to spot a vampire when I see one. The same goes for werewolves–and don’t get me started on ghosts. I’ve read all of the Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse series; and watched the shows that were born from these two franchises. Hell, I even watched Fright Night, which, oddly enough, kind of combined the whole vampire and wolf thing. I have seen enough Ghost Hunters episodes to earn me respect on several internet forums (should I choose to comment). So you think I would be prepared for a show like Being Human. Yeah, one would think that, but I guess I wasn’t.

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Day 54: Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

I am waiting ever so patiently for the UPS truck to arrive. Ever so patient, I am. You see, the UPS truck has precious cargo—or at least, precious to me—Fallout: New Vegas. Now, I won’t waste your time talking about how psyched I am for this video game; I did enough of that yesterday. But still, I wait. To pass the time (and to knock off another title from the list), I watched Sunshine Cleaning. Yeah, I’ll be honest; I chose it because it was 91 minutes long. Hey, I have to save some of this motivation for Fallout, right?

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Day 46: The X-Files, season 1 (1993)

Get out your blazers with the giant shoulderpads. Dust off your Doc Martens. Pop a Kenny G cassette into your boombox and play “Forever in Love” fifteen million times. Heck, even set your VCR to record your favorite TV show (if you can figure out how to set it). Why? Because we are taking a trip to the early 90s.


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Day 45: Ondine (2009)

Usually I have no clue how many of the films in my queue end up there. Not true for Ondine. I remember exactly how it found a place on my list. My husband and I were planning a trip to Ireland this past summer. We were going to meet up with my parents, my sister, and a few of their friends. Before the trip, I was scrambling to research about Ireland. Where should we stay? What should we see? Do I have to drink Guinness? As I typically do when I research, I was browsing’s selection of trailers (hey, I like to watch trailers, OK?) and happened upon Ondine. The trailer pointed out that it takes place in Ireland. Hey– I was going to Ireland! Done. It was in my queue seconds later.


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Day 42: A Perfect Getaway (2009)

I must be losing my mind. Totally going crazy. Aside from the fact that I obsessively check to make sure the oven is off four times before I leave the house (exactly four times); when I look at my Netflix queue, I tend to honestly be surprised by the titles I find there. If I am able to recognize the title, I consider that a good thing. Sure, I have my Iron Man 2s (or is it Iron Men 2?), my Tomb Raiders, and my Physics: The Elegant Universes on there; but it seems like the list has become inundated with the Renaissances, the Bugs, the Libby, Montanas, and the Fred Clauses. Movies that make me wonder (1) what the flip they are and (2) why the flip are they on my list? I don’t flipping know. Perhaps I will never know. I probably shouldn’t even invest time into trying to know because it seems rather pointless.


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Day 40: Breaking Bad, season 1, discs 2&3 (I know, it’s about time I finished this season!:) )

There is very little about the premise of Breaking Bad that I would typically find appealing. A cancer-striken high school chemistry teacher starts to make meth with a former student and finds himself blurring the boundaries of what he considers right and wrong (not like telling fibs wrong– “Yes, I think the purple sequin dress with the flouncy ruffles is a great idea to wear to the prom. Really.” If only my family hadn’t told me this little lie all those years ago. Now I am stuck with a humiliating photo and a purple complex). Yet, the show works for me (unlike the sequined dress).


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Day 29: Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (2009)

Question: what film’s cast has six Academy Award nominations tied to their previous work, but tackles the delicate issue of the war between vampires and the vampaneeze (seriously, I don’t make this crap up)? It’s the Cirque du Freak, Cirque du Freak, it’s Cirque du Freak-y. Yep, that’s the funky film I watched today. Word.


So, in case you are part of the 98% of the population that missed this film when it was released, let me provide a quick recap. Darren is just your average, run of the mill, voice-over providing, teenage boy who lives with his parents and sister. According to his introductory dialogue, he says he is fairly popular in school (I would argue that he may also be delusional), but his best friend, Steve, has some type of anger issues and is obsessed with vampires (I know this description could perhaps be applied to a decent percentage of teenage girls who have read the Twilight series; but in this film, it describes a boy).


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Day 28: The Blind Side

I am such a liar. A lying, untruthful liar. I know I say I am honest in my reviews, but apparently I am such a big liar that I am lying to myself. Am I even telling the truth about lying? I’m so not sure. I probably need to take a time-out and think about what I’ve done.


A few days ago, I said that I had given up on Bones. Well, apparently I have been sneaking in episodes like a crazed addict. Sure, I rationalized it; saying, “I need to finish the season, ” or, “I will watch it just this once.” Lies, lies, lies. Not only did I finish season 4 (which, by the way had a major wtf [“why the face” for all you Modern Family fans] moment when Booth started hallucinating and talking to Stewie from the family guy), but I added seasons 5 and 6 to my queue. I was getting so close to breaking 470, too! And, to top it all off, I am talking about that TV show instead of the movie I said I would review. I need help. Perhaps an intervention (but, seriously, Stewie???? Oh, Fox, I question your promotional cross-over choices, sometimes).


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Day 25: Bones, season 3 and 4

I think I may have had my fill of Bones for a while. I ravenously watched the first two seasons. I even enjoyed most of the third season. But I am about halfway through the fourth right now, and I have to put my gluttonous consumption of this show on hold for the time being.


Season three seems to have been cut short by the writers’ strike; as there are only 15 episodes instead of the usual 26. During this season, the team solves their typical crimes and deal with the daily lab drama—all while chasing a cannibalistic, conspiracy-theorist serial killer. I don’t know if they were in a rush to finish the season or they just took the easy way out, but it takes a turn for the weird and unbelievable. However, on the plus side, they introduce a new character, Dr. Sweets (played by John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks), as a psychologist and profiler. While it took me a couple of episodes to recognize him as an adult—and without his comic books, Dungeons and Dragons accessories, or his membership card to the av club– I found him to be an interesting addition to the team.


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