The Guard (2011)

I am pretty much a jerk—or at least when it comes to watching movies. I don’t mean to have little patience with films (especially those that are supposedly “good”)– I just can’t help it. Sometimes I wonder if my attention span has shrunk (three sizes too small) or if somehow I have come to appreciate certain films (mostly critically acclaimed ones) less and less. The problem has to be me, right? I mean, it can’t be the films.

Whip It (2009)

There was a lot of controversy in my house Saturday. My Netflix DVDs had arrived and I opened them up to find Fright Night and Whip It. One of those films was my choice, the other was assumedly my husband’s– can you guess who chose what? As we settled in to decide on and watch a film, my husband questioned why we had Whip It. The funny thing was, Whip It was not my selection, but his. Plus,  we just had a conversation a few days prior about how he wanted to watch “that roller derby movie.” Being the nice person I am, I bumped it to the top of the queue. Apparently, my husband has a very short term memory since he recalls no such discussion. Regardless, we popped in Whip It and met our fate head on. 


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Exam (2008)

Exam is an independent thriller about eight job applicants who are secluded in a room to take a test presumably to see who is qualified for a mysterious position. However, when they start the exam, they are presented with nothing but a blank sheet of paper. The applicants are then faced with what the employer is actually testing and to what lengths they may go to pass.


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Day 93: Let Me In (2010)

It’s been a while since I was excited to receive a DVD in the mail. Perhaps it has been out of laziness or just sheer convenience, but lately I seem to gravitate to my watch instantly queue. With fondness, I remember the days of yesteryear (OK, two months ago)—when I would rip into that red envelope with the fervor of a child opening a birthday present. However, the last few DVDs sat on top of the bookshelf for close to a month before I made the effort to watch and return them. Sure, I could blame the holidays, but honestly, I am going to blame Jonah Hex. I must have subconsciously known it would be the stuff that boring, plotless nightmares are made of. I guess I should have listened to my intuition and sent that bad boy packing when it shot in through the mail slot (not a euphemism). I know, I need to move on from my Jonah Hex experience.

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Day 61: Ink (2009)

There is an upscale grocery store about a block from where I live. I am totally addicted to it (probably because its just so darn convenient!). Every time I go to the store, I am enticed by their bakery. The cute little tarts, perfect slices of pie, fancy mousse desserts, and the delectable cookies look amazing; perfectly displayed in the case. Each of the baked goods appear delightful; and when I feel like splurging, I have been known to buy one of these treats. On the occasion that I do indulge, I am always disappointed by the product. The treats never quite live up to my expectations. Funny enough, I had similar feelings when I saw Ink today.

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Day 58: The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

I guess titles say a lot about a film. They can draw the viewer in like a siren singing the melodic song to attract sailors. They can be informative; telling the audience exactly what to expect. They can be catchy, like something out of a P.T. Barnum handbill or a Mark Twain witticism. Or they can be just plain boring. Such is the case with The Descent: Part 2. I should have considered myself warned.

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Day 54: Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

I am waiting ever so patiently for the UPS truck to arrive. Ever so patient, I am. You see, the UPS truck has precious cargo—or at least, precious to me—Fallout: New Vegas. Now, I won’t waste your time talking about how psyched I am for this video game; I did enough of that yesterday. But still, I wait. To pass the time (and to knock off another title from the list), I watched Sunshine Cleaning. Yeah, I’ll be honest; I chose it because it was 91 minutes long. Hey, I have to save some of this motivation for Fallout, right?

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Day 52: Paranormal Activity (2007)

I love a good ghost story. You know those things that go bump in the night (well, those that aren’t your three-legged cat slinking towards her food dish)? Or those sounds you just can’t explain? Maybe you don’t want to peer into the mirror after dark for fear of what you may see looking back at you (No, I am not talking about your own reflection sans make-up)? I love all of those stories—predictable as they may be (what? The call was coming from inside the house?!). Usually, I like my ghost stories in the form of “true tales”–either told by someone I know about their experiences or reading about supposedly haunted places. I don’t know if it this geeky combination of history meets horror that peaks my interest, but I have a hard time passing up tales of the supernatural (and I could tell a tale or two myself…).

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Day 45: Ondine (2009)

Usually I have no clue how many of the films in my queue end up there. Not true for Ondine. I remember exactly how it found a place on my list. My husband and I were planning a trip to Ireland this past summer. We were going to meet up with my parents, my sister, and a few of their friends. Before the trip, I was scrambling to research about Ireland. Where should we stay? What should we see? Do I have to drink Guinness? As I typically do when I research, I was browsing’s selection of trailers (hey, I like to watch trailers, OK?) and happened upon Ondine. The trailer pointed out that it takes place in Ireland. Hey– I was going to Ireland! Done. It was in my queue seconds later.


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Day 23: Planet B-Boy (2007)

I am beginning to wonder how films actually end up on my Netflix queue. While I openly admit to adding things after watching trailers, talking to friends, or taking Netflix recommendations, I have found a surprising amount of titles that I don’t remember at all. Does a little elf add random movies to my Netflix queue while I sleep? If so, I should find that elf and thank it for adding Planet B-Boy.


Planet B-Boy is a documentary following several breakdancing teams as they compete in an international competition held in Germany. Through interviews we learn a bit about the history of this style of dance, as well as the competitors and their families. While the competition hosts teams from several countries, this film focuses on teams from the U.S., Korea, Japan, and France; allowing the audience to understand the art form (and sport) from several cultures’ and peoples’ points of view.


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