Day 53: Gamer (2009)

I expect this week to be awesome. Not only is my birthday fast approaching and the weather feels more like fall every day; but within the next day or two, I will be spending quality time in Vegas. I don’t mean Las Vegas (I was just there this past weekend)– but New Vegas. What I believe will be my favorite video game of the year (if prior games are any indication) releases tomorrow. Sweet, sweet, post-apocalyptic Fallout: New Vegas; we will have some quality time together soon. Yeah, I know, I really have enough to do with my free time as is with TV and Netflix; but trust me, I will make time for Fallout, I always do. In honor of this much anticipated release, I decided to stick with the whole video game theme and watched Gamer (OK, folks, you should know by now that quality does not always win out in my queue selections).

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Day 24: Dexter, season 4, discs 3 & 4

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that watching the fourth season of Dexter gives me weird dreams that border on nightmares. The show can be pretty messed up at times, and this season may have been the creepiest—namely because of John Lithgow. I have mentioned his role as one of the most disturbing serial killers portrayed onscreen before, but I could probably reiterate that he really deserved the Golden Globe he won for this role. For once, one of those awards shows got it right.


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Day 20: Dexter, season 4, discs 1 & 2

Oh, Dexter, we have a problem. Well, several problems to be exact.


First, why do you keep ending episodes with cliffhangers? Now I am dependent on the mail to bring me the exciting conclusion of your latest escapades. I feel like a needy young girl who just started to date a guy she really likes. Only instead of checking the phone to see if he has called, I keep checking to see if the mail has arrived. Please don’t leave me hanging like this.


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