Day 51: Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008)

Wow. Just wow. Mark this one in your calendar folks. Today I watched a Wallace and Gromit that I wasn’t absolutely over the moon with. Yeah, I was surprised, too. Usually, I am utterly smitten with this crazy duo, but I found the latest installation to be a little on the “meh” side.


If anyone is unfamiliar with the Wallace and Gromit franchise, for shame, for shame. Do some penance: eat a few stinky cheeses, count sweater-wearing sheep named Shaun, and give your dog a treat (he is probably a lot smarter than you realize, if Gromit is any indication). Then, watch a few of the early shorts—A Close Shave or The Wrong Trousers. When you are done, then we can talk.

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